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Create One-Time Gifting Projects with our Corporate Gifting Service!

Get all the platform benefits with no recurring costs or subscriptions with our project-based gifting service.

Use our platform-supported gifting service to save time and money while sending gifts across the world – for any occasion. Our Gift Campaign Experts can manage your campaign for you from start to finish – just tell us what you want to send. Should you prefer to manage the campaign yourself, you can also use the gifting platform for free.

How Does Our International Gifting Service Work?


The Giftsenda team can help select, curate, and personalize gifts and messaging for your upcoming gifting campaigns.


  • Collaborate: We collaborate with you to better understand what you’re meaning to achieve and help create ideas that align with your allocated budget.
  • Culturally Appropriate: Thanks to our truly global team with regional and cultural insights, you can rest assured that gifts are non-offensive, high-quality, and culturally appropriate.
  • Personalize: You can add a personal touch with handwritten messages to accompany each gift.
  • No Customs Fees: Instead of inter-border shipping, we source gift items locally to eliminate customs and import duties.

Our corporate gifting service provides you with the tools and support to send gifts with ease.

    • You can let our Gifting Experts do all the work - from sourcing to arranging the deliveries.
    • Get access to custom gift requests and SWAG in various countries.
    • Save on international shipping costs - our gifts are sourced locally in each region.
    • Use automated gifting tools for fast & accurate sending worldwide.
    • Launch corporate gift campaigns in 200+ countries, in as little as 1-3 business days.
    Free Choice Gift Links
    Donate or Swap
    Gift Collections
    Direct Sends

    Free Choice Gift Links

    Using our gifting platform, you can send gift offers that allow your recipients to choose their own gifts from a selection of gifts based on your budget. The address collection feature will prompt them to provide their details. These can be sent via email or shareable gift links and without the need for actual home addresses.

    Donate or Swap

    With our automated gifting tools, recipients have an option to choose from a variety of gift items available in our Gift Catalog and this eliminates chances of inappropriate or offensive gift item selections. Recipients can either accept, swap, or donate their gift items when you send gifts digitally.

    Shareable Gift Collections

    When a collection is selected, a link is created and the sender has the option of forwarding it to their recipients through email, on social media, or via a generic chat. By accessing the link, the recipient can access the gift options online, choose their preferred gift from the collection options and input their delivery address and date of delivery. Additionally, gifts will only be charged against the sender’s account if the sender approves the accepted gift.

    Direct Sends

    If you know your recipients and have specific gifts that you would like to send directly to them using their addresses, we can send the gift for you. All you need to do is choose a gift from our catalog or request a custom gift, provide the addresses and a message to add to the card.

    Know what you need? Request a quote by filling in this order form and we will get back to you!

    Corporate Gifts For Every Occasion


    Celebrate employee and customer milestones with personalized gifts to make them feel appreciated. 

    Delight Leads

     Send gifts to delight your leads at strategic points in the funnel and watch your conversion rates soar.

    Holiday Gifts

    Create a gift campaign to celebrate a special holiday, whether it be Christmas, Easter or the New Year.

    Gifting at Events

    Host virtual conferences & spoil attendees across the globe. They’ll remember your ideas better.

    Customer Loyalty

    Keep customers coming back for more with well-timed loyalty gifts throughout the year. 

    ABM Gifting

    Level up your account-based marketing tactics by adding customized gifts and messages to your outreach.

    Talk to a Gifting Consultant to create your first project! 

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