Incredible SWAP
EASY SWAP for Recips with Gift Invite

Gift Swap Empowers Your Recipients To Choose

When looking to attract new leads, or stand out with your favorite VIP, sometimes the best thing you can do is let them tell you what they want. Sending a Gift Invite that allows your recipient to use our easy Gift Swap feature is the ultimate power move.
Not only do your recipients get to see you were thinking of them, but it also proves that you're willing to listen. When you give your recipients the power of choice, you get a chance to learn more about them to make future gifts even more impressive. Additionally, this personal attention and care for what truly makes them happy will help your company stand out from your competition.
Why Use The Gift Swap Option
Empowers your recipients with the gift of choice.
Curated item sets make sending options quick and easy.
It's a great way to help you send something amazing when you aren't sure what to give.

Here's How We Create Our International Gift Catalog:

Gift Brands Selected From Experience

Gift Brands Selected From Experience

We have chosen the gifts for every country based on regional popularity. Our years of experience has helped us figure out not only what is readily available, but what gifts are most appreciated around the world. Our catalog will help you find the best gifts for major holidays as well, such as Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, and more.
Culturally Appropriate Gifts

Culturally Appropriate Gifts

We consider the traditions and customs of each region before we create our gift selection. We work with our suppliers to make sure our gifts are not only culturally appropriate, but relevant for key holidays in each region to help your team run an easy and effective holiday gift campaign.
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