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Easily send personalized corporate gifts to 200+ countries, including Switzerland! Transform interactions with prospects, bring joy to associates, or express gratitude to employees in Switzerland through meaningful gifts.

Through partnerships with suppliers all over the world, we provide locally sourced gifts that can be sent in as fast as 1-3 business days in some regions. Dive into our selection which includes: alcohol gifts, wellness gifts, tech gifts, and more. Whatever the occasion, make a lasting impact in Switzerland.

Gift on your terms – use our online gifting platform with tools like address collection and online gift collections (which let recipients in Switzerland choose gifts). No need for a gifting platform? Visit our online shop and effortlessly send gifts using delivery details.

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High-Quality Gifts

We have chosen high-quality and culturally appropriate gifts for every country to ensure that you make the right impression. With over 20 years of experience in international gifting, we are experts in the field.

Say Goodbye to Customs Fees

In order to help you save on expensive shipping and customs fees, we have partnered with local vendors in each country. This means that delivery times are fast and that you can save on your gifting costs to Switzerland, and 200 other countries worldwide.

Gifting Made Easy

Take the hard work out of gifting to Switzerland with automated gifting tools. Send gifts in bulk, send gifts by using a recipient’s email address or mobile number, use shareable gift links to allow recipients to choose their own gifts, and so much more!

Track Your KPIs

Use the Giftsenda dashboard to track the progress of your gift campaigns in Switzerland and get in-depth insight into their performance, to allow you to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Send 1- 5 gifts now with our international corporate gift shop!

If you do not require all the advanced features of our corporate gifting platform and would just like to send a few gifts, you can use our eCommerce gift shop. Simply select your gift, provide the details and pay!

Engage more leads & improve customer loyalty with corporate gifts on an international level with ease!

Have questions about sending gifts to Switzerland?

Why Should I launch a gift campaign in Switzerland?

Launching a gift campaign in Switzerland is the right call for businesses big and small looking to break through the noise and make a lasting impression. By using gifting as part of your sales and marketing strategy you can build better relationships with your clients, prospects and employees, resulting in improved ROI.

Can a gift campaign improve sales in Switzerland?

Every sales team should have a gift budget to enable them to make use of gift-first tactics, especially when doing sales prospecting. Use gifts as door-openers, to engage prospects or even to celebrate a closed deal. When you create a gift campaign to Switzerland with Giftsenda, you get all the tools you need to easily send gifts worldwide, manage your budget and track your ROI, to make the most of every gift.

How can I start sending gifts with Giftsenda to Switzerland?

Are you ready to level up your corporate gifting strategy? All you need to do is sign up for a free trial. You will get access to a wide range of automated gifting tools to enable you to send gifts to Switzerland in just a few clicks! With 1000s of gift options in our catalog, you can rest assured that your recipients will receive something that they love.

What are the best corporate gifts to send to Switzerland?

All our gifts are specially selected for each region to ensure that they are culturally appropriate and of a high quality. When you pick a gift from our catalog, you’re choosing gifts we’ve hand-selected from trusted vendors in Switzerland. We offer a selection of sweet and savory gifts, wine and spirits, tech gifts, brandable swag, gift cards, and much more. We’re in the business of making you look good, and helping you navigate gift campaigns in Switzerland and around the world.

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