Cocktail Recipe: Mimosa

Raise your hand if you love a good mimosa. Or better yet, just raise both hands. These supremely refreshing, bubbly cocktails are light, elegant and fizzy. They fit into a weekend brunch perfectly, but they can be enjoyed anytime you need a tasty little pick-me-up.

Like all cocktails, the origins of the mimosa is hazy at best. Some believe this drink was created by a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1025; while others believe the mimosa was created by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1940’s in San Francisco. Wherever this beloved blend of orange juice and champagne comes from, we’re sure grateful they were even created in the first place.

  • 60 ml chilled orange juice
  • 90 ml chilled Champagne or other sparkling wine
  • Orange slice for garnish

Step 1:

Start by pouring 60 ml of chilled orange juice into a Champagne flute.

Step 2:

Top the orange juice with your favorite, high-quality, Champagne or sparkling wine, whilst holding the flute at an angle.

Step 3:

Gently stir the mixture and garnish with an orange slice. Serve promptly.


If you haven’t even poured your first mimosa, you’re going to be an expert by the end of this recipe. And if you’ve been a regular mimosa maker, you’re sure to find a new found love for the cocktail all over again.