Let recipients choose their own gifts with
Gift Collections!

What is a gift collection?

Instead of having to pre-select specific items for your recipients, opt for our gift collections and allow your recipients to choose their gifts from the wealthy list of local choices housed in each collection. Choose from pre-selected options or create your own custom collection.

How does it work?

When a collection is selected, a link is created and the sender has the option of forwarding it to their recipients through a branded email or other online platforms. By accessing the link, the recipient can access the gift options online, choose their preferred gift from the collection options and input their delivery details.

Create your own gift collections with the Collection Builder.

You can create custom gift collections with items that you would like to be available for recipients in a country. Simply use the easy-to-use collection builder and select the items from our catalog that you would like to include as options for your recipients.


Enjoy the various benefits of using online gift collections!

 Make Gifting More Personal

Recipients get to choose their gifts from a pre-selected collection of items that are available in their country. The result? A memorable experience with your brand and a gift that they actually will appreciate.

Agile Budget


Our online gift collection options allow you to cap your gift-item budgets, eliminating unprecedented spending and waste. Here, you’re in total control of what you spend and how you spend it.

Gifts For Every


 Our online gift collections hit the nail on the head when correctly theming your international corporate gifting campaigns. Looking for something special? We can create a custom collection just for you!


Perfect for various teams in your company:


 Use gift collections to promote events, celebrate new clients and to nurture target accounts with ease.


Use gift collections to nurture leads, or as part of campaigns to upsell new products or reward loyal customers.


Send gift collections to staff to celebrate milestones, welcome team members or to celebrate birthdays!

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