Prospecting With Giftsenda

Gifts help you use a personal approach to grab the attention of leads around the world.
Giftsenda helps empower your team to send gifts locally, or internationally quickly and easily.
Meaning you can increase your lead conversions worldwide.

Using Giftsenda is the trick to opening the door to international markets.
Built on Trust

Gift Swapping

This feature allows your recipients to swap the gift for another one (in a pre-approved budget range) before we prepare their gift. This not only ensures that they'll get something they'll actually enjoy, but keeps you in their mind as someone who cares about what they want. What better way to make a lasting impression?!
Donate the GIFT

Donate The Gift

If they have a cause they believe in, they can choose to donate the value of their gift instead. This option helps you to stand out with generosity and keeps your brand fresh in their mind.
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