Corporate Gift Campaigns for Sales Teams

With Giftsenda, prospecting and loyalty campaigns now take minutes instead of days, or even weeks. Since our platform manages your gift fulfilment and inventory controls, you can send multiple gifts to multiple countries as part of a single sales campaign, with the click of a button. 
Our corporate gifting platform can help you automate your gifting processes with easy-to-use tools, integrations and built-in tracking, so that you can focus on what you do best, while enjoying the benefits of better business relationships across the globe. By adding a gift-first strategy to your sales workflow you can increase the amount of closed deals by up to 20% – start gifting today!


Use gifts as door-openers and break through the noise. Make a lasting impression on potential new clients by inviting them to a meeting with a gift. Giving first shows you value their time and take your relationship seriously, making it more likely for them to invest the time into listening to your sales pitch.

Celebrate Milestones

Use gifts as deal closers to leave a lasting imression. Increase sales by rewarding clients at special business milestones. Why not send a bottle of wine or a personalized gift to thank them after they complete their first order with you?

Up-Sell & Retain Clients

Make sure your clients know you value their business. Plan campaigns to introduce new products to existing clients or check in with them to keep them interested.Just because they’ve shopped with you once doesn’t mean they will again, so make sure you’re always working to win them over!

Gifting Cheat Sheet for Sales Teams

In this guide, we explore various instances where gifting can be used in Sales activities, focusing on direct mail, gift links, and email invites through the Giftsenda platform. We look into each sending method and provide valuable tips to help you harness the full potential of gifting as part of your sales efforts.

Run your next sales campaign with clear goals and the tools to help you meet them.

  • Get More Meetings Accepted
  • Improve Your Sales Cycle Velocity
  • Increase the % of Closed Deals

Free Choice Gift Links

Using our gifting platform, you can send gift offers that allow your recipients to choose their own gifts from a selection of gifts based on your budget. These can be sent via email or shareable gift links and without the need for actual home addresses. This way, a sense of formality is preserved, and recipients can decide where these are to be delivered.

Donate or Swap

With our automated gifting tools, recipients have an option to choose from a variety of gift items available in our Gift Catalog and this eliminates chances of inappropriate or offensive gift item selections. Recipients can either accept, swap, or donate their gift items when you send gifts digitally.

Shareable Gift Collections

When a collection is selected, a link is created and the sender has the option of forwarding it to their recipients through email, on social media, or via a generic chat. By accessing the link, the recipient can access the gift options online, choose their preferred gift from the collection options and input their delivery address and date of delivery. Additionally, gifts will only be charged against the sender’s account if the sender approves the accepted gift.

Direct Sends

If you know your recipients and have specific gifts that you would like to send directly to them using their addresses, we can send the gift for you. All you need to do is choose a gift from our catalog or request a custom gift, provide the addresses and a message to add to the card.

Integrate Giftsenda With Your Favorite Platforms for Seamless Gifting


Update your recipient list quickly by synching contacts, automate sends or send gifts within your workflow without leaving your favorite platform’s interface. If you need a custom integration, let us know and we will assist you to make gifting fast and simple.

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FAQs About Sales Gifts

At Giftsenda, we believe that personalized gifts are a powerful tool to boost sales and customer loyalty. In fact, studies show that companies that incorporate gifting into their sales strategy experience a 22% increase in customer satisfaction and a 30% increase in customer loyalty. Let us help you take your sales strategy to the next level with our wide range of personalized gifts and bulk gifting solutions.

How to choose the right sales gifts for your recipients?

Audience Interest Assessment: To make your gifts more appealing, it is important to assess your audience’s preferences and interests. This will enable you to identify gifts that they find valuable and enjoyable, which could potentially lead to increased sales. For example, if your target audience is passionate about fitness, you might consider offering branded fitness equipment or workout apparel.

Brand Value Alignment: Your gift selection should reflect your brand’s values and messaging to reinforce brand awareness and loyalty. Selecting gifts that align with your brand values can enhance sales and create a positive image. For example, if your brand values social responsibility, you could consider gifts made from sustainable materials or products that support charitable causes.

Personalization Strategy: Personalizing your gifts can create a lasting impression on your audience and help drive sales. Adding a personal touch, such as a handwritten note or custom packaging, can make the gift more memorable and increase customer loyalty.

Occasion-Specific Considerations: It is important to consider the occasion or reason for the gift to select the most appropriate gift to enhance sales. For instance, if you send a gift as a thank-you gesture after closing a sale, you might consider something that reflects your appreciation, such as a gift card or a personalized item related to their interests.


Which corporate gifts work for sales teams?

Stationery: A practical and versatile corporate gift that adds a professional touch to any desk. Customizable to fit the recipient’s needs and preferences. Whether it’s personalized notepads, pens, letterheads, envelopes, or desk calendars, stationery is perfect for employees and clients alike.

Tech Gifts: Great for people on the move or remote workers, tech gifts are a practical and appreciated option. Examples include phone cases, charging cables, wireless earbuds, wireless charging blocks, and smartwatch stands.

eGift Cards: A flexible and personalized gift option allowing recipients to choose their gifts. Examples include Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Uber, Airbnb, and online retailers.

SWAG: Customizable promotional products are an effective way to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression. From custom apparel like t-shirts, hats, and jackets to trendy accessories like tote bags and water bottles, SWAG can help keep your brand top of mind.

Gift Baskets: Maintain your business connections and make a lasting impression with personalized gift baskets. They offer customization and flexibility in selecting items for the basket, showcasing your brand and image while serving as a cost-effective and practical option for gifting in bulk.

Why should you use sales gifts as part of your sales strategy?

Stand Out From the Crowd: Sales gifts help you differentiate yourself from the competition, demonstrating your thoughtfulness and commitment to customer success.

Build Stronger Relationships: By showing appreciation for your clients’ business with personalized and relevant gifts, you can strengthen your relationships and foster long-term loyalty.

Amplify Your Brand: Branded sales gifts are powerful marketing tools, increasing brand recognition and building trust with potential customers.

Increase Conversion Rates: Sales gifts can help to overcome sales objections and ultimately drive more sales, boosting your bottom line.

What are some creative ways to incorporate gifts into your sales strategy?

Incentivize Referrals: Offer a personalized gift to customers who refer new leads to your business. This encourages your customers to spread the word about your brand and creates a positive association with your business and increases the likelihood of future purchases. In fact, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising.

Celebrate Milestones: Surprise your clients with a gift to celebrate a milestone, such as a work anniversary or successful project completion. This personal touch will not only strengthen the relationship but also demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Thank Your Customers: Show appreciation to your customers by sending a thoughtful gift after purchase or at the end of a contract. This gesture will make your customers feel valued and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Incorporate Gifting into Upselling: Use gifts to sweeten the deal when upselling to existing customers. Offering a gift with a higher-end purchase can make the offer more attractive and increase the likelihood of a sale.


What is the impact of incorporating gifts into your sales strategy?

In today’s business landscape, incorporating creative and highly-engaging tactics into your sales strategy is more important than ever. Doing so can make or break your business’s ROI, as sales engagement and marketing tactics are vital to influencing growth. To stand out in today’s crowded market, businesses must think outside the box and use innovative strategies that set them apart from the competition.

Studies have shown that incorporating gift-giving into your sales strategy can significantly impact your bottom line. In fact, businesses that use corporate gifting to establish relationships with customers see an average increase of 80% in sales revenue. By utilising the power of gifting, you can differentiate yourself from the competition, enhance your brand recognition, and ultimately drive sales growth.