Send Corporate Gifts in Bulk Accross the World

Why spend hours sending corporate gifts manually when you can use a gifting platform to do the work for you? With Giftsenda you can send gifts in bulk to various countries by using a single gift campaign, it’s that easy! Our platform provides you with different campaign options based on the details that you have readily available - you can send gifts using links, email invites or just send a gift directly using the recipient’s address.

How Does It Work?

Upload your recipient list with a CSV or from your CRM.
Create a gift campaign. For some campaign types your recipient can redeem the gift you chose, swap it, or donate the money to charity.
If you have not provided the address you can ask recipients to confirm their address - this step ensures your gift goes exactly where it should.
You will get a confirmation email notifying you of a gift acceptance to allow you to be in control of your campaign.
You can monitor your responses and conversions on the Giftsenda dashboard.
We deliver gifts to over 200 countries, using locally sourced partners to save you costs on customs fees and international shipping!
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