Need a way to send 1-5 gifts internationally?

Send corporate gifts worldwide with our online shop!

If you do not require all the robust features of our gifting platform and would just like to send a few gifts, we suggest you try out our eCommerce solution. It has been specially designed to give you access to amazing corporate gifts that you can send internationally. Just pay for the gifts and shipping – it’s that easy. 

Need to send bulk gifts? Download the bulk ordering form, which can be found here. You can fill in the form with your requirements and submit your project via email to [email protected].

How is it different from the platform?

When using the shop, you will not have access to:

  • Low-budget gift items
  • Quick bulk sending
  • International custom gifts
  • eGifts
  • Automated gifting features
  • Reporting &  tracking
  • CRM integrations

Create a project with our platform if you would like these features.

Quickly send gifts with our online corporate gift shop!

  • Choose from 1000s of gift options
  • Send gifts to over 200 countries
  • Add messages to your gifts
  • Simple click, pay and send process
  • Build a custom gift with the builder tool

Send gifts in bulk using our excel-based order form.

Simply follow 3 easy steps and our expert team will source, package and deliver the gifts for you to as many countries as needed.

  1. Download the form.
  2. Provide the details for your bulk order using gift items from the Giftsenda shop.
  3. Submit the file on this form to place your order, or email it to [email protected]

Giftsenda Shop FAQs


Can I include our company's branded greeting cards with the gifts?

Yes! When you place a single or bulk order with Giftsenda you can add your company’s logo to your gift cards for free. All you need is a high-quality image file of your logo or holiday image, the message you would like to add, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

How does Giftsenda make sending gifts internationally easier?

Place your order from anywhere, and it’s as though you’re placing the order from the same place as your recipient. Your gift is never shipped across borders, it never has to go through the often-slow process of Customs Clearance & you pay 2-3 times less for local delivery than you would have for an international delivery.

Not only do you get the fastest overseas gift delivery service available, you also get individualized gift service each time you order. Our gifts aren’t pre-made and sitting on a shelf; your recipients deserve the freshness and fine quality that only hands-on attention can provide.

Can I send a bulk order?

Of course! With Giftsenda you can send gifts in bulk to various countries with 2 methods – by creating a Gift Campaign Project or by sending in bulk via the Giftsenda Shop. The Gift Campaign option is best if you require custom gifts, SWAG and address collection tools. The shop bulk order will give you access to the shop catalog items and a CSV bulk order form upload method. 

Can I send SWAG or custom items?

You can add that personal touch to your gift campaigns by adding your branding to items such as clothing, cups, stationery, and so much more. Our team can assist you with SWAG campaigns in various countries. All you need to do is submit your request, and we will find suppliers and deal with the logistics to provide you with a seamless experience.

How do you deliver my gift overseas in less than a week?

We’ve built relationships with local vendors and suppliers globally to be able to deliver right next door and around the world quickly and easily. Locally sourced gifts mean that you do not have to pay customs fees, and that deliveries can be as fast as 1-3 business days in some countries.

How can I track my order in the shop?

If you are sending a gift with the shop – you can track your order progress under the “My Gifts” tab in your profile.

How can I pay for my gifts on the shop?

Should you wish to send gifts with the Giftsenda Shop you can make use of our easy gifting store to purchase gifts and check out as you would on other e-commerce stores using a credit card, wire transfers or PayPal.

What if I send many gifts throughout the year?

Frequent gifters are advised to take advantage of our platform offers. Depending on how frequently you launch gifting campaigns, you may choose a cost structure that aligns with your gifting needs. 

Why do I see different prices on the same gift on your website?

We totally understand the confusion, especially concerning identical gift items with varying prices. However, rest assured that there are no errors on our end.

For accurate delivery that is time conscious, all our gifts are sourced in the recipient’s region, meaning that the difference in supplier prices ought to be considered. Therefore, items that cost $100 in Colombia, may cost $115 in Greece and $110 in Egypt. Simply put, prices are largely determined by exchange rates and supplier prices.

My gift is going a long way, won't it get spoiled or broken?

We’re totally weary of issues that may arise when delivering orders containing items like fresh flowers, plants, edibles, and chocolates – these have ‘used by’ dates, and correctly so. For this reason, we’ve created a large global network of gifting experts and supplies that ensure gifts are delivered within a week. This eliminates the need for warehousing and lengthy storage.

Moreover, since gifts are sourced in the recipient’s region, delivery times are reduced significantly, allowing your recipients to enjoy their gifts in the freshest of conditions.

Is my gift going through customs? Won’t that take forever? Are there duty fees?

We’re not only in the business of pruning relationships through well-curated corporate gifts, but we’re also constantly looking to cut out the middleman, in this case, customs. That is, gift packages never see customs isle nor are they ever subjected to hefty import duties.

All gift items are accurately and timeously curated, packaged, and delivered in the destination country, completely eliminating any customs checks and measures.

Giftsenda is a truly global company with access to over 200 countries, backed by a team that boasts over two decades of gifting experiences, so rest assured that you’ll never have to pay extra.