TEAMS & FUNDS The Giftsenda Teams and Funds Management feature allows users to manage teams, roles, membership, spending limits and budgets.

Manage your teams and their spending with Giftsenda

Our gifting platform is built around the fact that corporate gifting should be easy - no matter how many members are in your team. We therefore have developed the following features to enable you to manage your teams and the funds that they have access to for a more streamlined approach.

User Management

Manage your teams better by assigning users to roles with specific access to tools and functions within the Giftsenda platform to provide you with more control over your gifting campaigns.
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Teams Management

Create different teams to work on specific campaigns. This is great when you want to keep teams within the business separate on the platform for tracking and fund allocations.
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Funds Management

Allocate funds to different teams and users to enable you to stay within your budget and to prevent unwanted spending on campaigns.
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