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So, why should you send corporate gifts? 


In the digital age, tangible gestures wield unmatched influence. Corporate gifting plays an important role in shaping impactful business strategies – turning routine transactions into memorable experiences.

Gifts can strengthen client relationships, boost employee morale, elevate brand loyalty and much more. The following statistics highlight various aspects of the gifting landscape to help kick-start your journey. Happy gifting!

$1.238 trillion

In 2022, the global corporate gifting industry was valued at an estimated USD 741.68 billion and is expected to reach USD 1.238 trillion by 2028.


Nearly 20% of companies spend over $1000 on client corporate gifts over the holidays. 


About 68% of companies have reported they give corporate gifts with brand awareness as their priority.


96% of companies acknowledge that personalization is important when gifting but struggle with their efforts to do so. 


Small and midsize enterprises account for about 65% of the corporate gifting market.


About 76% of employees have reported they prefer gifts that can be shared with their family or teams. 


The eco-friendly products segment in the corporate gifting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% for the period 2021 – 2028.


On average $60 is spent on a client gift, while $85 is spent per employee gift.


94% of businesses intend on increasing their corporate gifting budget, in spite of the consequences of the pandemic. 


Customized gifts make up approximately 50% of the market.


Approximately 72% of employees prefer a gift card over a tangible gift.


Approximately 62% of companies have difficulties determining a corporate gifting budget, unsure of how much to allocate to a gift. 

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