6 Gifting Trends for 2024

Jun 4, 2024 | Business Tips, Gift Ideas

Leverage the gifting trends for 2024 to create a strong brand presence and foster unshakable professional relationships that impact your bottom line. 

Ever heard someone refer to something as “trendy”? Whatever that may mean in the corporate world or in any other sector – one thing a business would love to hear their product or service referred to is “trendy”. And why? Because trends allow for organizations to break the boundaries of the market. They help businesses put forth new opportunities and ideas, and they allow for brands to communicate their values. 

Even when gifting, keeping with trends will help your gesture of gratitude remain relevant. So, what are the gifting trends for 2024? That’s what every consumer is wondering and in this blog we’re going to offer you six trends you can leverage to optimize your strategy and increase ROI

Trend #1 : Sustainability 

One of the things that will probably never go out of fashion is taking care of the environment. Sustainability is the focus of meeting the planet’s current needs, while maintaining the resources it will need for future generations. All in all, it’s about the bigger picture. And when it comes to the bigger picture, corporate gifting is no exception. 

Consumers are also shifting their focus on the types of products they use, the types of businesses they associate with and their effect on the environment. For your business to keep up with this trend, you can use these actionable tips in order to stay green:

Go all in for reusable products: It is wise when gifting to choose products that ditch the “single use” concept. 

Choose eco-friendly: Opt for materials and packaging that are recyclable and biodegradable. 

Support sustainable business practices: Source gifts from businesses that support sustainable business practices and avoid products that may be detrimental to the environment. 

Trend #2 : Self Care Gifts 

In a fast-paced world such as ours, it is no surprise that people are prioritizing their health and the health of those around them. Wellness, health and wealth are one of the top gifting trends for 2024 – giving rise to a fitter, mentally healthy group of people that drive productivity. 

Among the self care gifts you can consider are high-quality spa gifts, mindfulness and mediation gifts, pamper packages and so forth. Care packages that are personalized and specifically tailored to a recipient are also trendy and these are relatively simple to curate; being customized to your business connection based on their needs and preferences. 

gifting trends for 2024

Trend #3: High Quality Products with Minimal Branding 

There has been a shift in corporate culture where gifts don’t necessarily have to be flashy or with a logo branded on every promotional item. Rather, there is importance being placed on quality products, with refined and minimal branding. This is because, more and more, organizations are beginning to realize that overly excessive promotional branding has the power to dilute the perceived value of a corporate gift. 

It may serve your business better to ensure your company values are in line with good quality, functional gifts. Gifts that can be used everyday and add value to the lives of its recipient. 

Trend #4: Personalization 

Time and time again, adding personal elements to a corporate gift will work out in your favor. This is because a recipient will typically make an emotional connection to a gift when they have a reason to. And tailoring a gift specifically to a person creates that genuine human connection. 

Bespoke gifts have the magical power to create profound effects and leave a lasting impression. When leveraging this trend ensure you have an understanding of your recipient and consider their personality and interests. And to take your strategy further, add a customized gift note for increased impact. 

Trend #5: Supporting Small Businesses 

Small businesses have become the rock stars of corporate gifting and it is no wonder why this is a trend for 2024. Organizations are all for being champions of local economies, while ensuring they are nurturing goodwill, encouraging entrepreneurship and inspiring inclusivity.

When considering gifting trends for 2024, such as this, you can be sure to choose unique products that stand out. Selecting artisanal or small batch items, created by small businesses, will create a truly magical gifting experience for your recipient. Also, support all types of businesses when leveraging this trend. This includes all types of companies, such as those that are black-owned, LGBTQ+ and so forth. Doing so will ensure you reach all different sorts of recipients, from all walks of life, thereby promoting an all-inclusive brand image. 

Trend #6: Tech Gifts & Gadgets 

It has been found that about 71% of people prefer gifts that are uniquely matched to their interests. And while businesses may shy away from tech gifts and gadgets, based on the perceived notion that they may be expensive, this trend is typically always relevant. This is because technology is here to stay and the world is shifting more and more in the direction of it. 

Tech gifts do not have to be expensive. There are options like wireless chargers, power banks and so on, that are useful and practical – without the high price tag. Here you can leverage a trend that your recipient will appreciate, and remain relevant while keeping within your proposed budget and financial parameters. 

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gifting trends for 2024

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