Send gift experiences using minimal details with Gift Invite Links!

A gift link can be shared on any messaging platform of your choice. When the link is accessed, recipients choose gifts and provide delivery details. Perfect for single or bulk campaigns – worldwide.

Giveaway Links require no delivery details, while Personalized Gift Links require a name and email.

Choose Gifts

Give recipients the experience of choosing something special from a pre-selected range of gift options.

Save Time

No need to waste time trying to figure out what your recipients want and collect their delivery details for accurate sends. 

Save Budget

We only charge you for gifts that have been accepted by your recipients and approved by you. 

The Sender’s  gifting experience…

1. Create a Landing Page

Create your landing page with a special message, logo and branding for a completely branded experience. 

2. Choose Your Gifts

You can either send a specific gift and allow them to swap it for something else, or send them a gift collection and allow them to choose a gift from your selection.

3. Choose the Recipients (or Skip)

If you are using a giveaway link – you don’t need any details. Should you wish to send a presonalized link – you can manually add recipient details (name & email address), upload them via CSV or sync them from your chosen HRM or CRM platform.

4. Share the Link & Track Your Results

Copy the special link and share it on any communication platform. You can also track gifts, view insights, see the top gift selections and “thank you” notes from happy recipients.

Only Pay For Accepted Gifts

We know that optimizing your budget is key. You will therefore only pay for accepted gifts and the balance can be used for other purposes or refunded.

The Recipient’s gifting experience…

1. Choose a Gift

Recipients can access the gift invite landing page via the link that has been sent to them and choose their gift.

2. Provide Delivery Details

Recipients will be prompted to provide their delivery details and choose a preferred delivery date.

3. Send a "Thank You" Note (optional)

The recipient can add a special message to the sender to say thanks!

Donate Gifts to Charity

Your recipients will also have the option to donate the value of their gift to their preferred charity from our wide international selection.

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