Deliver gifts globally with our international gifting platform!

Our gifting and direct mail platform provides ultimate access to a wide variety of specially curated gifts in more than 200 countries, coupled with intuitive automation tools and CRM integration. We can help you save time and money when sending 1-to-1 or bulk gifts. Simply select your gifts, choose your delivery method and pay. We do the rest.

Why choose us?

  • No subscription needed
  • No minimum or maximum sends
  • No platform user limits
  • Free access to integrations
  • 1000s of gift options
  • Accurate gift deliveries 


corporate gift deliveries to over 200 countries worldwide


over 20 years of international gift delivery experience


choose from over 10 000 gift options in our catalog

Save Time

Our gifting platform streamlines the process of sending and receiving gifts. We provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to choose and personalize gifts, enter recipient details, and even automate delivery.


Giftsenda enables you to add personalized messages, choose specific gift wrapping options, and even customize the gift selections based on the recipient’s location, preferences or interests.


Our gifting platform operates online, therefore enabling you to send gifts to almost anywhere in the world from anywhere, with minimal effort. Deliveries can take in 1-3 business days in some regions.