Employee Gifting Report 2024

Jun 12, 2024 | Business Tips, Corporate Gifting, Human Resources

This employee gifting report highlights useful statistics to help you drive a culture of appreciation and gratitude in your business.

Special events, birthdays, work anniversaries and other important corporate dates; these are all the times (and more) when employee gifting is needed. Expressing gratitude through gifting is essential for cultivating positive professional relationships and for fostering employee engagement. While the budget may be up to you; the  requirement of employee gifting isn’t. 

In this employee gifting report we’ll help you grasp the intricacies of professional gratitude in the workplace so your business can reap the benefits of value-driven corporate gifting with the help of  insightful employee gifting stats.

Upgrading Your Employee Rewards Programs With Gifts

The general rule of thumb in business is if employees are performing well, they need to be appreciated. Using corporate gifts in your employee rewards program is a great way to show gratitude and recognition. Some tips to keep in mind to upgrade your employee rewards program include:

Gifts Can Be Individualized for Each Employee:  You can choose a gift/ reward for each team member based on their personality and preference, as well as based on the intent. For example, if your employee has completed a particularly important project; their reward can be more extravagant and tied to their efforts. 

Gifts Can Be Used for Working Toward a Reward/ Goal: Gifts are not only for when your team has accomplished something specific but make great incentives as well. Here, you give your employees something to work toward and to look forward to.

Gifts Are Best When Unexpected: the element of surprise leads to greater extents of happiness than those that are occasion-based. It is best for your business to not have a precedent linked to the achievement of specific criteria when giving gifts.  

Why this matters: 

  • About 54% of employees see gifts as a sign or token of appreciation from their employer
  • Approximately 67% of employees feel appreciated with a gift to the value of $50 – $100

Employee gifting Report

Challenges When Appreciating Employees 

As important as the gesture may be, it does not make employee gifting easy. Businesses face all sorts of challenges like seeming thoughtless when selecting a gift to cumbersome delivery of gifts. 

In fact, 55% of respondents from a business survey reported wanting help when picking the right gift whilst 70% wished there was a simpler and more efficient way to complete their holiday gifting – from choosing to sending gifts. Luckily a gifting platform like Giftsenda can help with this. Using our gift invites – recipients are able to choose gifts and provide their delivery details in over 200 countries. 

Employee stats

Employee gifting report

According to research, these are some of the gifts that are commonly sent by HR teams:

  • SWAG: 55% 
  • A Thank You Note: 35%
  • Gift Card (to a particular retailer): 38%
  • Team Dinner to a Restaurant: 40%
  • Money Added to a Pay Check: 34%

Just because these are the most commonly sent gifts – does not mean that they are just as appreciated. It is important to make sure that your employees are happy with their gifts through surveys or other data gathering methods. Employee gifting platforms are great for this as they provide you with in-depth reports on your gifting activities. If you are using online gift invites (which let recipients choose gifts) – you will also be able to see which are the most popular gifts that have been redeemed and adjust your options accordingly.

employee stats as per HR teams

Why this matters: 

  • An estimated 78% of employees report job satisfaction subsequent to receiving a meaningful gift from their employer – highlighting their view of the role of gifting-giving in cultivating professional relationships.
  • At least 70% of respondents from a 2023 Annual Holiday Gifting Report by Snappy reported receiving gifts they did not use or want.
  • Employees who experienced the awkwardness of receiving an unwanted gift from an employer were estimated at 24% from the aforementioned survey. 

Drive a Global Culture of Appreciation with Giftsenda!

Our gifting platform offers HR teams a variety of gift campaign options for more flexibility – you can choose from personalized gift invites that are delivered via branded emails or gift links (requiring minimal details), or send surprise gifts via direct mail. With an ever-growing gift catalog, containing 1000s of gifts, there is something for everyone. 

Does your team work internationally? No problem, we send gifts to over 200 countries worldwide. For the ease of gifting you can even integrate your HRM systems to the Giftsenda platform so you can have all essential information at your fingertips.

Let us help you keep your workforce as happy as can be, with minimal input from your side, except a few clicks!

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