The 10 Best Corporate Christmas Gifts

Feb 23, 2024 | Corporate Gifting, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Discover the magic behind great festive gift exchange as we introduce you to some of the best corporate Christmas gifts for internal and external business alliances. 

Medieval gift giving has definitely played a part in the establishment of the Christmas gift giving traditions of today. During the Tudor period, the practice of giving gifts was competitive to say the least. It was recorded that King Henry VIII, in 1534, received gifts of extensive worth from the gentleman of the court, gifts such as; a silver gilt compass, a tablet of gold and a marmoset to name a few. 

Today, giving gifts on the 25th of December is done for various reasons. Christians give gifts as a symbolic tribute of the gifts presented to baby Jesus, by the three wise men, after his birth. Others exchange gifts at Christmas purely because it is the tradition of the season. Whether ancient or modern, the art of gift exchange is the standard festivity of the season. 

In the corporate industry, the gifts may not be as extravagant as those presented to King Henry VIII but they are typically tokens of appreciation, presented to valued employees, clients, colleagues, partners and prospective customers, filled with gratitude and thoughtfulness. If you’d like to give gifts to your recipients that are as refined as those in the Tudor era and as thoughtful as those of present-day, here are some ideas for the best corporate Christmas gifts you’re going to love. 

Why Send Corporate Christmas Gifts?

Corporate gifts are a novel way to show your business alliances, both internal and external, what’s important to you and your company. They can tell a story of the various messages you intend on conveying, like why someone should do business with you, why they should work for you or why they should refer business your way. These stories can be in the form of mission statements, company values, business plans and brand vision. Sending the best corporate Christmas gifts to those corporate alliances you appreciate will strengthen your business bonds, boost employee morale and build professional repertoire. Read on for some great ideas to do just that!

Ten of the Best Corporate Christmas Gifts

The Exquisite Cherry & Truffles Gift Basket

You can be a master at corporate gifting when you give your recipients the opportunity to indulge in premium truffles and wine. With the Exquisite Cherry & Truffles Gift Basket your valued clients and colleagues will find the most decadent milk chocolate-covered cherries, dark chocolate truffles and a 2020 Royal Crest red blend. Also included in the gift is an exquisite pinewood and rope crate; which was crafted to exude sophisticated elegance. 

Special message: Just a little Christmas gift to show you how much we cherry-ish our business relationship!

Ten best corporate Christmas baskets

The Holiday Twists & Rods Gift Selection

With this Christmas gift, your recipients can prepare their taste buds for some delightful treats that await them. The Holiday Twists & Rods Gift Selection is a great gift filled with holiday goodies. Included in the gift are Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolate-covered pretzel twists and rods; twists decorated with red, green, and white nonpareils; twists decorated with tree sprinkles; twists decorated with red-tinted white chocolate drizzle; twists decorated with white nonpareils; twists decorated as Santa’s hats; rods decorated with crushed peppermint candies; rods decorated as strings of Christmas lights; and rods decorated with red-tinted white chocolate drizzle and red sanding sugar.

Special message: To the Hot-Rod of our company, here’s a Christmas gift to show you how much we appreciate you!

The holiday twists and rods gift selection

Indulgent Snacking Gift Basket

Great snacking is just a click away for your valued recipients with the Indulgent Snacking Gift Basket; a carefully curated selection of delicious treats for refined palates. It includes classic caramel and milk chocolate premium popcorn, Thuringer pork sausage, sharp white cheddar cheese, three-seed crackers, honey hot mustard, mixed nuts, raspberry-filled tree-cutout shortbread cookies, milk chocolate-covered cherries, and chocolate truffles. As one of the best corporate Christmas gifts filled with scrumptious variety; your recipient will be spoilt for choice. 

Special messageA Christmas gift just for you to show you how snack-tacular you’ve been

Wine & Treats Gift Selection

Share the gift of assorted premium treats and great wine with the Wine & Treats Gift Selection. This gift boasts several decadent treats for refined palates and two bottles of rich wine, making the perfect pairing for any setting. In the selection you will find a traditional fruitcake; raspberry-filled tree-cutout shortbread cookies; signature chocolate truffles (coffee, cherry, raspberry, almond, all dark, milk chocolate); two small decorative ugly sweaters, a Ross Lane Red blend and a Ross Lane White blend. With so many great choices; the delightful taste adventures will surely last a long time.

Special message: A little treat for the holidays to appreciate our wine-derful professional relationship! 

ten best corporate Christmas gifts

Fruit Cake Tradition

Every family shares a wealth of holiday traditions year to year. Some of them are unique and specific to each individual family, others are shared by many families across the world. Eating Fruit Cakes during the holiday season is one of the most popular Christmas traditions in the world. Don’t miss out this year, and spread the yummy with this delicious Fruit Cake Tradition gift. It is rich with cherries, pineapple, pecans, English walnuts and other fruit. 

Special message: Here’s to creating many more professional traditions with our company. Happy Holidays!

The Roasted Almond & Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Fruit and nuts make for the ultimate taste combination and with the The Roasted Almond & Dried Fruit Gift Basket; your recipients will find the snacks exude just as much sophisticated elegance as they do great taste. 

Included in this selection are roasted almonds; four raspberry-filled tree-cutout shortbread cookies; a paradise dried fruit mix; four dark chocolate-covered grahams, dark chocolate truffles and a 2016 Moscato. This gift is perfect for those who love variety and delicious goodies.

Special message: We’re nuts about our fruit-ful business ties. Happy holidays to a valued client/ colleague/ partner/ employee. 

Roasted Almond and dried fruit gift basket

The Holiday Goodies Gift Selection

Your recipients can find happiness with the Holiday Goodies Gift Selection. Packed to the brim with goodness; this gift boasts several premium snacks made from high-quality ingredients. Included in the selection are Premium Popcorn (dark chocolate); Premium Popcorn (classic caramel and super party snack mix); sharp white cheddar cheese; Christmas tree-shaped crackers; pepper and onion relish; yogurt-covered pretzels; four raspberry-filled flower-cutout shortbread cookies; dark chocolate truffles and a cherry watermelon-flavored Christmas mix. Yum!

Special message: You put the good in goodie basket. Thank you for your hard work/ valued business/ great work ethic… (whatever fits!). 

ten best corporate Christmas gifts

The Cookie & Cookie Jar Gift Pack

Cookies are a delicious treat everyone loves and with the Cookie & Cookie Jar Gift Pack; your recipients will find snack time will be their favorite time of the day. With 14 raspberry-filled tree-cutout shortbread cookies and a delightful gnome-shaped cookie jar; this gift is not only a treat for the taste buds but for the senses too. As one of the best corporate Christmas gifts for the holiday season, your recipients will love the festivity it comes with. 

Special message: Without you, we’d crumble! Thanks for being a great client/ employee/ colleague/ partner. 

The cookie and cookie jar gift pack

The Ultimate Pamper Gift Package

The best corporate Christmas gifts are those that send a message. They don’t necessarily have to be filled with tasty holiday snacks. They can be wellness gifts that prioritize your recipients’ well-being too. With the Ultimate Pamper Gift Package, your recipient can indulge in a wonderfully pampered experience. 

In this gift are delightful items for a truly relaxing and soothing experience to soothe away the stress and invite in refreshing thoughts. Included in the package is a pure goat milk lip balm, a pure goat milk hand cream, a stress-relieving coloring book with coloring pencils, a comfort throw, cozy comfort socks, a lavender candle with a wooden lid and a trio of delicious teas. With so many relaxing items, your clients, colleagues and employees will feel rejuvenated and refreshed in no time at all.

Special message: Christmas is about being the best you you can be. Go on and pamper yourself. You deserve it! 

The ultimate pamper package

Fruity Poinsettia & Chocolates 

Send a gift that’s wholesome, delicious, and beautiful. With the Fruity Poinsettia & Chocolates 

gift, a stunning Poinsettia plant (the traditional Christmas plant) will grace their holiday table alongside a delicious spread of fresh fruit including apples, bananas, pears, and oranges as well as a decadent box of high-quality chocolates. 

Special message: Your corporate game is on-poinsettia. Happy holidays. 

Let the Gifting Begin!

Ready to grab some of those ideas and send the best corporate Christmas gifts to your treasured recipients? Well, we’re here to help you do that.

If you have many Christmas gifts to send, simply use the Giftsenda sharable gift links. These are automated, address-free links that can be shared via any messaging platform. They give your recipient access to a specific gift or pre-curated collection, allowing them to redeem a gift or donate it to a worthy cause. Gift links can also be sent in a custom-branded email if you want a little flair in your delivery. All you need is a name and an email address. 

Delivery typically takes 1-3 business days and you can enjoy the holidays stress-free as you won’t have to concern yourself with expensive international shipping or customs fees when using the Giftenda platform because all gifts are locally sourced. 

You can also integrate your CRM with Giftsenda and use the wealth of information the system has to provide to streamline your Christmas gifting campaign. Track the data of your campaigns (like the number of gifts sent, those to be delivered etc.) and identify areas of improvement for future campaigns. If you need assistance with choosing gifts or need a demo to learn the know-how, simply click here to contact our expert gift campaign managers. 

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