Corporate Gifting: The Problems & How We Solve Them

Dec 5, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

Businesses, regardless of their scale of function, are sometimes deterred from using corporate gifts as marketing, retention, and brand awareness tools due to cost, logistical, and legal/moral issues. While the use of corporate gifting campaigns continues to garner prominence among business owners across all verticals, the concerns surrounding the gesture are legitimate, and often motivated by legislation. But that does not mean that they should avoid gifting altogether. International gifting platforms, such as Giftsenda, have done the groundwork to help businesses send gifts internationally with ease and enjoy the benefits of gifting with no issues at an affordable cost. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at a few of these concerns regarding gifting and how we can solve these problems for you. 

Costs: Every functional business’ primary objective is to eliminate as many overhead costs as possible and increase sales without adding dimes to the budget, and if corporate gifting hasn’t really been adopted as a conventional marketing/retention tool, businesses often misinterpret absorbing the practice to increased expenses, without analyzing a well-timed and objectively aligned corporate gifting campaign’s ROI benefits. 

The Giftsenda platform enables you to track all your gifting activity, providing data to determine the ROI. The advanced gifting features also allow you to send gifts more strategically while ensuring that they are culture appropriate. It is also important to note that businesses can capitalize on permissible corporate gifting-related tax deductions on specific gifting cases in the US and some other regions.

Logistics: Let’s put it this way: corporations in the business of making chocolates aren’t concerned about a lettuce farm’s rabbit problems. What this means is that the business of the day is central to every business’s functions, and adding extra, non-operational layers is sometimes deemed as wasteful. 

Therefore, some might think that the admin and logistics involved in launching international corporate gifting campaigns mean less attention is paid to what’s central to the business. This misconception is often a result of insufficient knowledge about companies like Giftsenda that take the labor and admin that surrounds international corporate gifting out of your hands. The Giftsenda team does all the work for you, all you need to do is choose the gifts you want to send, provide the details (which can be an email address, phone number or delivery address) and pay.

Legislation (moral): Though the acts of offering corporate gifts to associates, prospects, and partners are deemed innocent gestures that seek to delight and surprise recipients and strengthen relationships, some practices are prohibited in different regions and that’s sometimes due to there being a thin line between gifting and bribery in some business situations. So, to avoid this red tape altogether, some businesses completely disregard corporate gifting. 

When using a corporate gifting platform, you can rest assured that the legality of gifts is kept in mind – as gifts are locally sourced to ensure best practices. We also provide recipients with the option of swapping the gifts or donating gifts to a charity to help solve this problem. We do however suggest that you check the gifting policies of companies that you are not sure of if you are concerned about this – or we can help you choose safe and acceptable gift options that have a higher chance of being accepted. 

Intrigued and keen on getting your corporate gifting ball rolling? Get in touch with us if you require any assistance or more information.

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