10 Unique Client Gift Ideas To Impress

Apr 17, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Marketing, Sales

Show your clients you’re a pro at sending gifts with these 10 unique client gift ideas, accompanied by fun and clever messages to make them even more memorable.

So, you’re already aware that appreciating your clients with corporate gifts will lead you down the path of success. You want to show your clients you’re a pro when it comes to gift giving and create a meaningful connection with them, but you’re not quite sure how to make that lasting impression. That’s where we come in. We have client gift ideas to turn you into a pro gift giver!

If you don’t know what type of gift to send to your client … or where to even begin, take a look at a few tips we put together to make your job a little easier; as well as some unique gift choices to choose from. 

How to Choose an Appropriate Gift For a Client

Know Your Client

Sometimes a gift you think is awesome may turn out to be “less-than ideal” for your client. With this in mind, before making a gift selection – know your client. And, I mean really know them. This doesn’t mean you have to be invited over for Sunday dinner but it does mean you need an idea of their likes, dislikes and their interests. Sounds like a mammoth of a task right? Wrong! It’s actually really easy. Researching them online will give you a host of ideas and clues into their persona’s and personality. Thus, pointing you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a gift. 

And if you don’t have their delivery information, Giftsenda gift links and email gift invites are the most convenient ways to send your corporate gift. An email gift invite allows you to build a branded email containing a link that directs your recipient to the gifting platform. On that specific landing page, your client is able to select a gift from a pre-curated list, which can be tailored to your budget. Thereafter, they add in their delivery details and the process is completed. All you need is your client’s name and email address. Gift link invites work the same, they have the same perks as an email gift invite, except they can be sent to your recipients on whichever platform you choose to communicate with. They are perfect for when you want to effortlessly send many gifts to many clients internationally and you have details at hand.

Reach Out With a Personal Message

A note or message, added to your gift, serves a similar purpose to the gift itself. It’s a way of communicating your intent. If your gift doesn’t make profound the point you’re trying to make, your message certainly will. Here you can be plain and simple or get more creative with the idea. A straightforward thank you or welcome note is perfectly acceptable, but if you’re looking to put a smile on someone’s face you can always add a quirky saying. For example, if you’re gifting your client a pair of festive and colorful socks, you can add a note saying “We make a great pair!”. This will surely translate both your personality and your sense of humor…. Not to mention, your great flair for wordplay. 🙂

Consider The Value Of Your Professional Relationship

In most cases, clients that are more valuable, and that have been with you for longer, will understandably be allocated a larger portion of your corporate gifting budget. This is to show your vested interest in the professional relationship by choosing more expensive gifts for those you hold in higher esteem. Not to say that you are not invested in your other clients, but the scale of appreciation should notably be proportional to the value your clients bring to the exchange. 

unique client gifts

Unique Gifts For a Unique Client

When in doubt, let Giftsenda help you out! Here are some suggested gift options that are sure to be distinctive and appreciated. Along with a few clever sayings to add some wit to your corporate client gift.

A Gift Card to their Favorite Coffee Shop

If you know your client loves coffee and is a regular at a particular coffee shop, like Starbucks, send them a gift card. It can be a physical one or a virtual gift card. While you’re at it, send them the note “When life gives you lemonade, trade it for coffee”. 

Deluxe Professional Hair Cutting Kits

Professional grooming kits are perfect for men who are looking to save time at the barber and want to always keep their hair looking spiffy. And your message? You can say to your client “You’re a cut above the rest”. 

Moon & Jai Meditation Kit

The corporate world can be a jungle and one way to get some rest from all the hustle and bustle is with some relaxation. The Moon & Jai meditation kit features rose quartz, which is the crystal of unconditional love. It is said to boost self-love and foster good relationships with others. Talk about meaningful client gift ideas. And to top it off, you can add a personal note saying “It’s your mind that takes care of your business. Take care of it.” 

Travel Luggage

Apart from being functional, a suitcase can also be elegant. Especially when it’s from a high-quality chain, like TUMI, backed by patents and a five-year warranty. Yes, you read correctly. A five year warranty. For your clients who are frequent flyers, or just travel enthusiasts, you can add a gift note saying “It’s better to travel well than to just arrive.”

Birth Flower Drinking Glasses

When you first read “birth flower drinking glasses” you may have no idea what these are, but let me assure you they are both thoughtful and unique customer gift ideas. These drinking glasses are printed with flowers representative of a specific birth month. A possible gift tag to go with these drinking glasses: “Where flowers bloom, so does success.”

A Coffee Table Book

Know that your client has a passion for reading or is interested in a particular hobby? Get them a book from one of their favorite authors or a DIY guide on how to perfect their hobby. “You’re an A in my book” is always a great gift note to add along with the coffee table book. 

Candle and Reef Diffuser Set

Who doesn’t love candles? They are beautiful, elegant, practical and best of all… inexpensive. The symbolism of candles is as old as time. They signify warmth and are a great way to demonstrate your care for someone’s well-being. A candle and reef diffuser set is an ideal way to show client appreciation. Coupled with the message “ A single candle can light many candles. You are an inspiration.”

reed diffuser client gift

A Charity Donation

If a physical gift is not an option, you can always make a donation to a charity of your recipient’s choice. It’s a meaningful way to show your company’s values, while honoring theirs. As Mother Theresa once said “ It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” (which makes a great gift note!).

A Beer Brewing Kit

A gift to help the beer lovers in your client list concoct their own brews. With a pair of drinking glasses, branded with your company logo, you’ve just created a unique promotional gift. Throw in the message “BEER: Brew, Enjoy, Empty, Repeat” and you’ll make their day.

Champagne & Sabrage Set

A gift to celebrate success. The art of champagne sabering dates back to the time of Napoleon and was used to mark victory. When your client reaches a corporate milestone, celebrate by sending a champagne and sabrage set. Your gift tag can read “Bubble over with success”. 

FAQs About Client Gifts

What are client gift ideas? Client gift ideas refer to thoughtful business gifts given to long-time, new, or potential customers as a gesture of appreciation. These tokens of gratitude help build strong, lasting relationships between clients and businesses, demonstrating acknowledgment for their ongoing loyalty.

What are the best client gift ideas? Some excellent client gift ideas include personalized journals, a portable projector, and personalized padfolios.

What types of gifts can be given to clients? There are various types of gifts suitable for clients, such as thank you gifts, Christmas gifts, and onboarding gifts. The choice of gift depends on the occasion and the nature of the client-business relationship. For instance, a thank you gift might be fitting for a loyal, repeat client, while an onboarding gift can serve as a warm welcome to your company.

What is the purpose of client gifting? Client gifting aims to make clients feel valued, cherished, and appreciated for their support of your business. It also plays a pivotal role in forging stronger, more enduring connections between clients and businesses. When clients receive gifts from a company, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty and become regular patrons.

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