5 Corporate Gifting Trends for 2023

Mar 22, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips

When looking at the functional areas of business management; finance, marketing, sales, human resources and operations are often at the top of the list. But just as essential and equally as important, is strategic corporate gifting. Business gifts can incentivize prospective clients, show employees they are valued, reward and retain loyal customers, and so much more! A gesture that affirms your gratitude, and helps build new relationships while strengthening old ones. Staying up to date with new and relevant trends in business will not only help your brand identify new opportunities to better market your company, but it will also help you break the boundaries of the market. In this blog we look at the top five corporate gifting trends for 2023 and how you can incorporate these strategies in your business.


Who doesn’t love a gift that makes them feel truly thought of? Personalized business gifts are made exclusively for your recipients and show that you have made the extra effort to plan their gift in advance. They are purposely designed to incorporate information that is specific to the recipient, such as a name, date, special event or even a special message shared between you and them. The gift itself is also usually something that has been specifically chosen for them according to their interests.

When choosing personalized corporate gifts it’s all about personal connection. The added effort you put into this gesture sets the tone for the ultimate bonding experience. Personalized corporate gifts can include customized luggage tags for those who travel, coffee mugs, branded stationery or swag boxes to suit any occasion. 

When implementing this strategy in your business, you can customize the gift to meet the needs of your target audience. And to leave a lasting impression, you can include gifts that reflect your brand values. For example, if you wish to showcase the compassionate side of your business, you can focus on self-care products or gifts associated with relaxation, such as scented bath products or candles. You can also stand out with great functionality and quality when choosing your gift strategy to illustrate your brand’s personality!

Giftsenda enables you to create the ultimate personalized experience by allowing your recipients  to choose their own gift from a special collection with a special message, or by creating custom gifts with special messaging that can be sent directly to them. 

Sustainability (Eco – Friendly or Ethical Gifts)

To be or not to be an eco-minded entrepreneur… well in this ever-evolving world, sustainable business practices are no longer a choice. They are often essential to long-term successes because they pay heed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. In essence, sustainability in business is the effect an organization has on society and/ or the environment. At least 67% of companies have started implementing ‘greener’ initiatives by using more sustainable materials, such as recyclable materials. This is according to a 2022 sustainability report by Deloitte. 

Spending more on sustainable products may to some extent seem counterintuitive to boosting profit, but studies have shown that going green in business has many benefits; making organizations that do so the more successful in the long run. Sustainable corporate gifting trends are a must-do because they showcase your brand’s identity and shared values with employees, clients and prospects. They say you are at the forefront of good business practice and this, in turn, demonstrates your brand’s personality. 

So, how can you send eco-friendly gifts? When looking at the sustainable corporate gifting trends, this means choosing products that use biodegradable ingredients, compostable or recycled packaging or plant-based/ upcycled materials. In addition, products that are reusable, instead of single-use items, echo business sustainability. Environmentally-friendly or ethical corporate gifts include biodegradable or recycled laptop sleeves or phone cases, scatter gardens and organic cotton throw blankets.

Giftsenda can help you with more eco-friendly gifting methods by using locally sourced vendors in each country instead of shipping gifts internationally – essentially helping you save on the carbon emissions of your delivery. 

Technology Gifts

Certainly today is a day that gives precedence to technology above anything else. Tech in our living rooms, tech in our kitchens, tech in our bathrooms, tech in our cars, tech just about anywhere. We buy tech gadgets and smart devices not only because they are cool and interesting, but because they are useful too. It is for those reasons, among others, that Statista released a survey in 2022 that predicted close to 199 million US adults will choose tech products and services for the holiday season as gifts. 

If you’re still wondering what makes a good gift, you can’t go wrong with the ultimate form of gift-giving… tech gifts. Corporate tech gifts don’t have to be expensive, there are many options that are affordable, sleek, cool and functional. You can even choose to send digital or electronic gift cards (eGifts) to clients or employees for use in-store or online. 

These types of gifts send a message all on their own. In fact, tech gifts are an indication that you have good taste, with a contemporary flair for gift giving. Tech corporate gifts can be employee appreciation gifts, milestone gifts or even gifts for the holidays. Some tech corporate gifting ideas include:

  • Wireless meat thermometers
  • Oura rings
  • Smart alarm clocks
  • Temperature control smart mugs
  • Apple airpods
  • Portable charging blocks

Branded tech products make for a gift-giving investment that generates excellent ROI. When marked in your company colors and logo, your brand will be remembered each time the tech gift is used. Want some more ideas? You can check out some of the tech gifts available on our online shop.  

Wellness Gifts

The World Health Organization defines wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. While wellness is generally at the top of everyone’s mind, it is often at the bottom of their to-do list, especially with busy schedules. What better way to say “I encourage you to empower yourself with better well being” than with a wellness corporate gift. 

Wellness can take on many shapes and forms, and this makes gift giving that much easier as you have a wider selection of gifts you can choose from. You can select products for relaxing practices, like aromatherapy, gifts for physical practices, like exercise products, or gifts for good mental health, like an eGift card for a meditation course. 

By giving your staff wellness gifts it says to them you appreciate and notice them. Wellness corporate gifting trends will also boost morale in the workplace and create a positive working environment. It sends the message that while you value their input, you also prioritize time for their recuperation, rest and relaxation.


Corporate gifting trends

Remote Gifting

Just because you are far away, does not mean you are out of reach. This is the message a remote corporate gift sends to its recipient. And when keeping the current and future remote work trends in mind, it seems as though a hybrid workspace is here to stay. As of late 2020, 41.8% of US citizens were still working remotely, according to an economic report by Upwork. The same report projected that there would be 36.2 million Americans working virtually by 2025; with a 16.8 million increase in hybrid workers from pre-pandemic times. 

But finding the perfect gift for a remote employee or a client in another country is a mission all on its own, without having to mention the logistics of said gift. So, how do you get around this? When using a gift giving platform, like Giftsenda, you can ensure your remote workforce receives their gift with little to no effort on your part.

You can put the “home” in “home office” by giving your remote employees upgrades on their office supplies or office decor, remote care packages, e-books or online courses. These corporate gifting trends help remote employees feel the same levels of connection and communication that on-site employees experience in the workplace, thereby increasing productivity and profitability. 

Let Giftsenda Help You Set Your Own Trends 

Giftsenda is an international gifting platform designed to help your business connect with clients and employees. The platform has over 10 000 specially curated gifts that you can send to any home or office (or home office) in over 200 countries. We use automated gifting tools to make the process of worldwide gifting seamless and cutting-edge. 

When sending corporate gifts overseas, one of the problems often faced is the accuracy or availability of the recipient’s delivery details. Our address collection feature makes this operation simple by collecting these details directly from the recipient. You can even let the recipient choose their own gift, making for a more personalized gifting experience. The platform has many other great features, such as data import/ export, response alerts, delivery tracking and customizable email templates. With so many options on hand, you will find your gift giving encounter to be effortless.

Like what you’ve seen …. and read? Why not take a look at our catalog or book a demo with one of our skilled Giftsenda campaign managers. Start corporate gifting today for better performance results tomorrow!

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