Case Study: Increasing Loyalty & Brand Awareness with Branded Gifts

Oct 16, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Human Resources, Marketing

SWAG, “stuff we all get,” refers to promotional merchandise or branded items given to customers or employees. SWAG has become an increasingly popular marketing tactic – when done correctly, SWAG can promote brand awareness, create positive associations, and increase customer loyalty.

These gifting methods have been used in various ways across different industries, such as apparel, technology, and food and beverage. For example, tech companies often give out branded USB drives or laptop stickers, while apparel companies give out free t-shirts or hats with their logo. Similarly, food and beverage companies may give free samples or branded water bottles.

This case study examines the effectiveness of SWAG as a brand awareness and loyalty tool for businesses. Specifically, we will look at how branded gifts have been used in various industries, its impact on brand awareness, and its role in increasing customer loyalty.

Understanding the Benefits of Branded Gifts

Branded SWAG gifts can have a positive impact on a business both internally and externally. Filling your office with branded gifts will help create unity amongst the staff and be a reminder of company goals. The items can work in the same light as a country’s flag.

Your staff will also enjoy receiving the items in general as some can help improve their office space while the clothing items can help take the thought out of their outfit for the day. SWAG overall can help increase your company’s employee satisfaction, and according to Inkwell, companies with a positive work environment see about 35% less employee turnover than their counterparts.

Externally, branded gifts are great for any client- based interactions. They can help set you apart from your competition in any scenario. Moreover, the items will serve as a reminder of your company and brand long after the meeting or interaction has passed.

According to a survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 85% of consumers remembered the advertiser that gave them a promotional product, and 58% said they had a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving the product. Additionally, 69% of consumers said they would pick up a promotional product if they thought it was worthwhile.

A SWAG gift’s value spans beyond the individual and acts as a constant piece of advertising for your firm when the item is worn or used. Investing in quality gifts increases the likelihood of recipients discussing the gift in different circles and increasing your brand awareness.

swag gifts case study

Identifying the Right Branded Gifts for your audience

A comprehensive understanding of the target audience is important when choosing branded merchandise or SWAG since it guarantees selecting items that will appeal to your recipients. This, in turn, enhances your recipient’s likelihood of using and keeping the gift, thereby leaving a lasting impression. According to a recent survey, 63% of consumers said they would be more likely to purchase from a brand that gave them a promotional gift.

To determine the suitable branded corporate gifts for a specific audience, factors such as demographics, interests, and behavioral patterns must be analyzed. For instance, if the intended recipients are tech-savvy, the SWAG options could include branded phone chargers or USB drives. Similarly, branded water bottles or fitness gear could be offered for the health-conscious audience. Surveying or conducting focus groups among your target audience can also provide some insight on the most practical and valuable items.

Quality and usefulness must be prioritized when selecting SWAG since the recipients are more likely to retain and utilize well-crafted and practical items. Poor-quality or unnecessary items are typically disposed of or forgotten, which could leave a detrimental brand image.

Types of SWAG solutions

Branded Merchandise: This is by far the most popular form of SWAG gifts you will see. These gifts come in the form of a t-shirt, ball cap, sweatshirt, or water bottle – popular items everywhere in the world. This genre of branded gifts is great in terms of acting as mobile advertisements for your business. Recipients will use these daily, increasing the chance that people will inquire about your business.

Tech Gadgets: Tech items are gifts that someone doesn’t realize they need until they finally have one, then they become a daily essential. This includes things like power banks, wireless chargers, headphones, and wireless speakers. You can have a hand in giving someone their favorite gadget.

Workspace Items: Since these gifts are being given in the context of business, why not choose items that are useful for a prospective occupation? Branded notebooks, pens, folders, or anything else that could be useful in an office space make a great SWAG gift. These are effective for brand awareness as the items will be used whenever they sit at their desk. These are also great for internal use, especially for remote workers who could use these items to improve their workspace.

Food & Drink: While these items likely won’t be in their possession very long, they can often be the most memorable gifts. Even though we all speak different languages, we all still enjoy a delicious treat. Boxes of chocolates, fresh fruit, or a warm cup of coffee are all loved across the world and. The experience of eating something that tastes really good can last a lifetime and help your company stand out.

Custom Gift Boxes: After going through this list you may have difficulty picking just one SWAG gift option. Thankfully, Giftsenda offers custom corporate gift boxes that allow you to combine a variety of gifts without multiple purchases. All you have to do is select the items, and we will source them, put together your special gifts, and deliver them to your recipients.

Increasing Loyalty & Brand Awareness with SWAG Gifts: Examples of Swag Campaigns

Selecting the right promotional items and packaging can be critical to establishing brand recognition and loyalty for modern businesses. SWAG gifting is generally flexible and may be utilized across marketing enhancement, sales optimization, HR and event efforts.

Utopus Insights, a technology company based in the USA, found a unique way to spread holiday cheer and strengthen its employee relationships during the Christmas and New Year seasons of 2023. The challenge they faced was to send thoughtful gift packages adorned with the company logo to their employees scattered across various countries, which included Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and the UK, among others.

With a total of 30 recipients in mind, the company decided to create a custom gift package, including a 750 ml water bottle and Oreo cookies in a tin can, both bearing the Utopus Insights logo.

The results were heartwarming, as employees across the globe received these beautiful gift packages. The feedback from the recipients was overwhelmingly positive. This initiative conveyed the company’s appreciation for its global workforce and helped promote the Utopus Insights brand far and wide.

Another case in point is Royal Partners, who faced the challenge of curating a unique gift experience for their 32 affiliate partners worldwide. This task involved sending swag items, which had a design provided by the client, to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Serbia, Brazil, and others. In addition to the swag items, they needed to assemble and send gift baskets. The gift package included a 750 ml water bottle, a hoodie, a cap, and a T-shirt, ensuring that their partners received a well-rounded and personalized token of appreciation.

Similarly, Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, undertook an initiative to celebrate Women’s Day in 2023. Their challenge was to send a white sweatshirt featuring a custom design to recipients in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. A total of 26 individuals received this thoughtful gift, promoting gender equality and celebrating women’s achievements.

These cases highlight how companies can use SWAG to increase loyalty and brand awareness and optimize a sense of belonging, appreciation, and brand recognition among their employees and partners across the globe. Just like industry leaders HubSpot, Airbnb, Google, Dropbox, and Slack have successfully integrated SWAG into their marketing strategies, these companies have leveraged personalized gift packages to build strong connections with their global workforce and partners, ultimately reinforcing their brand’s global presence and reputation.

Creating a SWAG Distribution Plan

Crafting a well-planned strategy for distributing SWAG is vital for the success of any B2B/B2C marketing campaign. SWAG serves as a tangible reminder of your brand and its message and can create a long-lasting impression among your customers. However, a strategic distribution plan is necessary to ensure that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Timing, quantity, and targeting specific customer segments are crucial factors when creating an effective distribution plan. Understanding your target audience and their preferences can help determine the appropriate quantity and type of gifts to produce.

Furthermore, timing is essential, and distribution should align with marketing campaigns and events to maximize exposure and engagement. Segmentation of customers based on location, industry, or purchase history can also ensure that SWAG reaches the right people, leading to a higher ROI.

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