Top 10 Occasions to Send Gifts for Employees

Jul 4, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Human Resources

Making employees feel valued and recognized is a sure way to drive productivity in the workplace. Use these top 10 occasions to send gifts for employees and make them feel appreciated.

Gift giving is a universal act that came into being before civilizations did. Cavemen often gave gifts, such as tree bark or an animal tooth for adornments on necklaces, as signs of appreciation and relationship. Among the first civilizations to celebrate birthdays were the Ancient Egyptians. A special gift was given to a pharaoh on their coronation because it was believed they were transformed into Gods and started their new lives, hence that was considered to be their “birthdays”. 

Celebrating occasions with a gift has always been a common practice and this also translates to the corporate world. Business relationships are equally as important as personal ones, and there are many reasons to celebrate your employees in order to bolster productivity and confidence in the workplace. In this blog we will review occasions to send gifts for employees and how you can turn these opportunities into memorable junctures in the lives of your valued workforce. Let’s get going!

Ten Occasions to Send Gifts for Employees

Work Anniversaries

Work anniversaries are a pretty big deal. They’re the anniversary of an employee’s hire date. But more than that, they’re a reminder of the fact that your employee is a part of your work family, and their dedication to that family needs to be celebrated. It’s that attention to detail which separates industry leaders from ordinary business people. More than that, celebrating a work anniversary with a corporate gift (instead of just simply acknowledging it) will demonstrate your dedication as well – by showing your workforce you’re paying attention and that you recognize their hard work and contributions. Let’s face it. Your employees are the backbone of your company and it’s their work that drives the success of your business. Work anniversaries are great occasions to send gifts for employees, and you can personalize your gift to your employee to make it that much more special.


Who doesn’t love being celebrated on their birthday? It’s a reason to commemorate your life and existence, and one of the most common reasons to simply enjoy birthday cake! 

But birthdays in the workplace are also opportunities to display gestures of gratitude and appreciation. Saying to someone I acknowledge the day you were born with a beautiful corporate gift is not just celebratory, these days it’s almost mandatory. People almost always expect you to remember one of the most significant days of their lives, that being the day of their birth. 

send gifts for employees

Holidays and Festive Seasons

The holidays and festive seasons bring a certain joy of their own. Getting into the holiday spirit is not difficult to do because festive cheer is generally at every corner of the planet. So, the holidays are ideal occasions to send gifts for employees. Picking a specific holiday gift that you know your employee will love is a perfect way to say I appreciate your efforts and look forward to having our business relationship flourish next year. Moreover, the festive seasons are important for celebrating important connections that unite people through generosity and gratitude. 

Recognizing Achievements and Milestones

Corporate milestones, or business milestones as they are also referred to, are important aims or strategies you intend on achieving as part of your business blueprints. They are principal to the success of your business and when your employees make these targets, or achieve these goals, they ought to be celebrated for it. This will motivate them to make further targets and feel recognized for their hard work. Also, celebrating short-term measurable goals will help you check off larger goals in your business strategy as your employees will feel driven and perform well consistently. Using these times to send gifts for employees will furthermore, foster collaboration and build morale within your organization. 

Employee Appreciation Days/Weeks/Months

If you’re in search of a regular way to show your employees you are thankful for their service, employee appreciation days/ weeks/ months are ideal. This is a constant reminder that you need to send a corporate gift to your employees on a specific date, which will enable you to consistently appreciate your workforce. On this day (or these days) make the extra effort to show your employees they are valued and seen. Businesses that take these days seriously often perform better as stats show that company productivity increases by 31% when employees are happy. 

An employee appreciation program can lead to improvements in employee satisfaction and well-being, positively affect organization culture and increase employee retention. So, take the time to use employee appreciation days as occasions to send gifts for employees, and note the effect it has on your bottom line. 

Promotions and Career Advancements

Receiving a promotion can make people feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, and what better way to seal the deal than with a thoughtfully curated corporate gift. Promotions and career advancements can help your employees consistently work harder in the hopes of receiving further promotions and incentives, such as a gift. Your workforce will often appreciate the potential for growth in the company and you can use these times to send gifts for employees based on their promotion and level within the company. For bigger career advancements, you can splurge a little and send a gift (like an Apple tech gift) that will really show your employee they, and their position within the company, are important to you. 

Special Events and Company Milestones

A special event or company milestone is more about the organization’s achievements and including your employees in this celebration will show them they have played a part in the success. If you want to drive unity and collaboration within your workforce, use a corporate gift to make your employees feel valued when you’ve reached a specific business milestone. Nothing says “we celebrate you” than letting your employees feel appreciated when you are commemorating a special occasion. 

Work-life Balance Incentives

One way to show your employees you value them is to help them take care of themselves. Employee well-being is, by definition, the overall mental, physical, emotional and economic health of your workers. It’s influenced by various factors, both inside and outside the workplace; but you can use gifts to make your employees feel happier and appreciated. 

A local holiday is a great way to help your employees keep a stable work-life balance and feel relaxed, to be more productive in the long run. There are many incentives you can give your employees and customizing the gifts will add an extra sense of personalization your workforce will appreciate. This can include adding a name, a special date, or even an important message, to your corporate gift with extra special techniques; like 3D printing or sleek lettering. 

Onboarding and Welcome Gifts

If you have a new hire, an onboarding or welcome gift will show your new employee how you conduct business and what they can expect from your business ethic. Using these times to send gifts for employees will highlight your brand’s ethics and values; and you can display this further with the type of gift you choose. For example, if your organization is passionate about sustainability, an eco-friendly corporate gift will be perfect as it shows what you believe in – which is protecting the environment. 

Random Acts of Kindness

With all the various occasions to send gifts to employees, there are some that don’t require any reason at all. These are random acts of kindness and there’s something super special about these gestures. Showing someone you appreciate their input and hard work, without any provocation is on a different level of thankfulness. And these memorable moments are sure to stick in the minds of your employees, making them feel driven to work harder and perform better. 

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With so many occasions to celebrate and so little time; you need a way to streamline sending corporate gifts to your employees. Luckily, you can do this with an employee gifting platform, like Giftsenda. Not only will you not have to put in any of the hard work; but you can also send gifts to your workforce internationally – without expensive customs fees. 

You can easily send a gift link (via any platform you choose to use) or branded email gift invite to your employees that will allow them to choose their own gift and provide shipping details This way, you can easily get the job done and not have to worry about the delivery information as this will accurately be provided by each recipient. Our integrations with BambooHR and Zapier mean that gifting can be truly seamless and automated if needed.

The best part – you can start gifting without a subscription fee. So, create a campaign today because if everyone is moving forward together, success will take care of itself. 

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