15 Ways to Use eGift Cards To Surprise and Delight Remote Workers

May 4, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas

Without the lack of commute, work-from-home remote employees often have more time on their hands, and are ultimately more productive, right? Well that may be true in a sense, your hybrid workforce may also be facing other unique challenges that are specific to their work conditions. Distractions from kids who are at home during their school holidays, lack of motivation (or getting your day going without the much needed morning coffee), an unbalanced work/life balance and technological issues all contribute to the downside of virtual work. So, how can you make light of these less-than-perfect situations for your hybrid workforce? You can use eGift cards to surprise & delight remote workers who, let’s face it, deserve a little extra appreciation from time to time.

What Is An eGift Card?

Before we get into the many excellent ideas we have lined up when using eGift cards to surprise & delight remote workers in your workforce, we thought it would be a good idea to clarify exactly what an eGift card is (if you don’t already know!). 

An eGift card, as the name suggests, is an electronic gift card. They’re also known as digital gift cards, mobile gift cards and virtual gift cards. In the UK, eGift cards are referred to as a gift voucher or a gift token, while North America identifies these prepaid stored-value money cards as a gift certificate. With so many ways to describe an eGift card, all you basically have to remember is that an eGift card is the same as a physical gift card – it is an alternative to cash that can be used to make a purchase from a specific retailer or business online or in a physical store. The only difference is that an eGift card is sent electronically, usually via email or SMS. 

eGift cards to surprise & delight remote workers

Why Are eGift Cards Great For Remote Employees?

There are many benefits to eGift cards. For one, they’re fun! There’s something quite magical about a virtual gift card that brings a sense of joy – possibly because it has to do with the fact that you’ve just received a gift but moreover, you have the freedom to choose your own gift. In addition to that, eGift cards are also simple to use and environmentally-friendly as well. 

For remote employees, especially those who are in another country, an eGift is a great idea because the recipient is, in fact, away from the physical office. This means remote gifting is an effortlessly simple way to reward and appreciate them. 

Furthermore, with a regular gift, you stand the chance of your recipient not being happy with your choice. And if you use cash as a token of appreciation, chances are the money could be used to pay bills or for some other everyday essential, which doesn’t necessarily create a long-lasting memory or feeling of gratitude as it was intended to. 

eGift cards, in some countries, are also not taxable. In England, for example, if the gift cards for your hybrid workforce meet the Trivial Benefits criteria, they won’t be taxable. You can also set a certain limit to the gift card, which helps you keep in line with your budget and business expenses. 

How to Use eGift Cards For Remote Employees

So now that we understand what eGift cards are and why they are a great option to reward and delight your remote employees, let’s get into the fun part – thinking of some gifts that you can actually send!

1. Stock Up On Everyday Essentials

When you’re busy with work, running to the grocery store for everyday essentials can be quite a drag – especially when you’re hungry and there’s nothing to eat. Imagine being gifted with a supermarket delivery eGift card from Walmart, Tesco or Amazon Fresh, you get to purchase your much needed everyday essentials, all without having to even leave the house. Talk about a win-win!

2. Lunch-Time Surprise

If you’re looking to make an impression, send your remote workers an eGift card to Uber Eats, Lobster Gram or Just Eats just before lunchtime on any particular work day. Surprise them with an easy way to buy their favorite meal and drinks, and you’ll be remembered as the most thoughtful boss  on the planet.

3. Send Them On a Mini (or not so mini) Holiday

If your remote employees have been working non-stop and need a break, you can always surprise them with a holiday. A getaway could be the perfect means for workers to de-stress, rejuvenate and come back more productive than ever. Airbnb and Delta are great ways to find local, or even international, holidays within your budget. Not to mention this is one perfect strategy in using eGift cards to surprise & delight your remote workers who are truly valuable to you.

4. A Little Down Time

Sometimes when you’re a parent, Netflix and Chill can mean putting on an episode of Paw Patrol for your kids just so you can have a few minutes of me time. If you know your hybrid employee is a parent, send them an eGift card to The Disney Channel, Playstation, Netflix, Xbox Live or Amazon Video especially for their children. Their kids will love it and they’ll appreciate the down time.

5. Spring Cleaning Delight

Let’s be honest, who enjoys cleaning? But it has been said that a clean and organized workplace is conducive to increased productivity. In fact, a study by the University of Arizona, found that employees are 15% more productive when working from a clean and tidy environment, rather than from a messy or cluttered one. If you want to help your virtual employees – and yourself, in return, send them an eGift card to a local cleaning service that will assist in tidying up their home (office).

6. A Trip To The Coffee Shop

An eGift card to a local coffee shop like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or Cafe Nero is a great way to let your remote employees know it’s sometimes helpful to just step out of the house for a while – especially when you’ve had one of “those days”. A little break from work and fresh eyes can do more good than you know.

eGift Cards to Surprise & Delight Remote Workers

7. A Family Treat

A healthy work-life balance is important for any employee, let alone a remote one. For those hybrid workers that have a family and are situated in the US, an eGift card to Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Wagamama, Fleming’s steakhouse or Pizza Express is a nice treat to balance their daily lives with fun and work productivity.

8. Wardrobe Makeover Fun

When you’re busy and you have no time to get to the store to buy those new sneakers that just reached the latest spring collection, an eGift card is an ideal way to help get those much loved sneakers online. Nike, Nordstrom, H&M, Adidas and Macy’s eGift cards show your appreciation to those who spend their time building your brand.

9. Music to Your Eyes

As Louis Armstrong said “music is life itself”. And that is true even when you are working. Music can help stimulate the senses and improve your mental health. Which is why an eGift card to iTunes, Spotify or NowTV can help boost the concentration and performance of your remote employees. In a Harvard Business blog, the concept of music being able to improve productivity was addressed and it was found that background music (especially that of the classical music genre) improved cognitive performance on tasks such as spatial or verbal ability tests.

10. Home (Office) Renovations

Working from home can sometimes mean having a home office, and sometimes not. Whether or not your virtual employees work from a dedicated work space, you can always find ways to help their home / office be more inviting. Upgrades on office furniture or equipment and stationery essentials are a perfect way to do this, and remote gifting from stores like Ikea, Walmart, Office Max and Hobbycraft can help.

11. Hail A Ride

Probably one of the most practical gifts you can give an employee – an eGift card to a ride-hailing service. Think of it, your employee needs to get to a meeting but their partner has used the car. Public transport is not always reliable. Uber (and you) to the rescue.

12. A “Just Because” eGift Card

Every once in a while there will come a time where you want to send a gift for no particular reason. Just because. If you don’t have any specific retailer in mind, you can use Visa or Mastercard eGift cards to surprise & delight remote workers around the world.

13. A Little Pick Me Up

Want to send your remote employee a beautiful bottle of wine but you have no idea which is their favorite, if it’s red or white or maybe if they even prefer champagne? Rather take the guesswork out of this gift and send them an eGift card to pick their own beverage.

14. Staying Healthy

Keeping in good health is important, but gym memberships are not always used. Which is often why people feel deterred by these types of commitments. An eGift for a subscription to a popular fitness app of their choice is a great remote gifting idea for those who want to live an active lifestyle, but don’t want to commit to a membership. While you’re at it – you can even send them a voucher to purchase some gym equipment for their workouts at home.

15. A Tech Upgrade

For remote employees, technology is often a lifeline. It’s their access to the company and a means of communication. A tech upgrade from Apple, Samsung or Bose are sure to keep them connected in the most glamorous of ways.

So many ideas to choose from, so little time! Let Giftsenda help. You can make the impression you want, without having to put in hardly any effort at all. eGift cards are one of our specialties and when you’re an expert in the corporate gifting industry, like us, you’ll know a thing or two about using eGift cards to surprise & delight remote workers. Whether you need 1-1 gifts or a bulk sending campaign, we can help you. Book a demo to tell us about your gifting needs, or just send us a message.

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