21 Best Digital Gift Ideas for Clients & Employees

Mar 22, 2024 | All Use-Cases, Business Tips, Gift Ideas

In this blog, we’ll explore 21 digital gift ideas for clients and employees, curated specifically for the modern business landscape, with each e-gift offering unique benefits and opportunities for engagement.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, where remote work and digital interactions have become the norm, the significance of corporate gifting has evolved. It’s no longer just about exchanging physical items; it’s about fostering connections, expressing gratitude, and enhancing engagement in innovative ways. Enter e-gifts (or digital gift vouchers) – a modern solution that transcends traditional boundaries, offering convenience, personalization, and environmental sustainability.

As businesses adapt to remote work environments and virtual interactions, the need for creative gifting solutions has never been more apparent. Digital gifts, ranging from digital subscriptions to personalized experiences, provide a seamless way to celebrate milestones, reward achievements, and strengthen relationships with both clients and employees. Best of all, you are able to send the gift via email or text and it is delivered almost immediately.

What are the Benefits of Sending Digital Gifts?

Explore the numerous advantages of incorporating virtual gifts into your corporate gifting strategy, from cost-effectiveness to environmental sustainability.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Virtual gifts eliminate the need for physical shipping and handling costs associated with traditional gifts, saving time and resources.
  • Convenience: Send virtual gifts instantly via email, avoiding delays and ensuring timely delivery to recipients.
  • Personalization: Tailor virtual gifts to individual preferences and interests, creating meaningful and memorable experiences for recipients.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce your carbon footprint by opting for eco-friendly virtual gifts that minimize waste and promote sustainability.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your corporate gifting efforts to accommodate large teams or client bases with virtual gifts that require minimal logistics and planning.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a wide range of virtual gift options to suit different occasions, budgets, and recipient preferences, ensuring versatility and flexibility in your gifting strategy.

 21 Digital Gift Ideas for Clients & Employees

Here are 21 digital gifts carefully curated to delight your recipients all over the world. From personalized digital experiences to virtual tokens of appreciation, these gifts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and foster stronger relationships

digital gifts  - streaming subscriptions

Entertainment Service Subscriptions: Dive into a world of endless entertainment with subscriptions to top streaming platforms like Netflix, Tidal, Spotify, and Disney Plus. After a long day’s work, there’s nothing quite like unwinding with your favorite shows or grooving to your go-to tunes. Whether your team members are die-hard fans of gripping dramas or upbeat playlists, these subscriptions offer something for everyone.

digital gift ideas - virtual cooking classes

Virtual Cooking Classes: Spice up your team’s culinary skills with virtual cooking classes led by professional chefs. From gourmet cuisine to international delicacies, these classes offer a hands-on experience that’s both educational and delicious. Whether your team members are aspiring chefs or kitchen novices, there’s something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Beauty and Wellness Subscription Memberships: Show your team that you care about their well-being with subscriptions to beauty and wellness boxes. These curated packages contain a selection of self-care essentials, from luxurious skincare products to soothing aromatherapy treats. Whether your team members are in need of a pampering session or a little pick-me-up, these subscriptions offer a convenient and indulgent way to relax and recharge.

Ticket to an Online Class: Unlock new skills and unleash your team’s potential with tickets to online classes. Whether they’re interested in photography, coding, or creative writing, these classes offer a convenient and flexible way to learn and grow. From beginners to experts, there’s something for everyone to explore and discover.

Free In-Game Content:
Level up your team’s gaming experience with free in-game content. Whether they’re into action-packed adventures, immersive role-playing games, or strategic multiplayer battles, these virtual gifts offer something for every gamer to enjoy.

digital gift ideas - online fitness memberships

Online Fitness Membership: Support your team’s health and well-being with online fitness memberships. Whether they’re looking to get in shape, de-stress after a long day, or simply stay active and healthy, these memberships offer a convenient and flexible way to exercise from the comfort of home.

Digital Tickets to Concerts: Bring the concert experience to your team’s living room with digital tickets to virtual concerts. Whether they’re music enthusiasts, concert junkies, or casual listeners, these tickets offer a front-row seat to the hottest shows and performances from around the world.

digital gift ideas - donations to charity

Donation to a Charity or Cause: Make a difference and give back to your community with donations to charities or causes. Whether they’re passionate about environmental conservation, social justice, or humanitarian aid, these donations offer a meaningful way to support causes that matter.

Gift Voucher for a Travel Company: 
Feed your team’s wanderlust and ignite their sense of adventure with gift vouchers for travel companies. Whether they’re dreaming of exotic destinations, cultural experiences, or outdoor adventures, these vouchers offer a convenient and flexible way to plan their next getaway.

Thrive Market Grocery Membership: Simplify your team’s grocery shopping experience with memberships to Thrive Market. Whether they’re health-conscious, eco-friendly, or just looking for convenient and affordable options, these memberships offer access to a wide selection of organic and sustainable products.

Peloton Digital Membership: Elevate your team’s fitness routine with Peloton digital memberships. From high-energy workouts to calming yoga sessions, these memberships offer a variety of classes to suit every fitness level and preference.

Software Resource Subscription: Boost your team’s productivity with subscriptions to software resources like Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva. From graphic design to video editing, these tools will help them unleash their creativity and streamline their workflow

Gift Vouchers: Give your team the gift of choice with digital gift cards. Whether they’re shopping for new gadgets or treating themselves to a spa day, they can use the gift card towards their favorite products or experiences.

Audiobook Subscriptions: Fuel your team’s love of reading with subscriptions to audiobook services like Audible or Scribd. Whether they’re commuting to work or relaxing at home, they can enjoy their favorite books narrated by talented storytellers.

Retail Therapy Choice Gift Card:Treat your team to a shopping spree with choice gift cards to popular retail brands like Macy’s or Nordstrom. Whether they’re updating their wardrobe or redecorating their home, they can shop for their favorite products and accessories.

Pilates Class Subscription: Improve your team’s flexibility and strength with pilates class subscriptions. With access to a variety of online classes, they can enjoy low-impact workouts that promote balance, posture, and overall well-being.

digital gift ideas - digital magazine subscriptions

Digital Magazine Subscriptions: Feed your team’s curiosity with subscriptions to digital magazines covering a range of topics, from fashion and travel to business and technology. Whether they’re looking for inspiration or staying informed, they’ll enjoy access to the latest articles and features.

Online Hobby Classes: Ignite your team’s passion with online hobby classes on topics like photography, gardening, or DIY crafts. Whether they’re exploring a new hobby or honing their skills, these classes offer a fun and creative outlet for self-expression.

Virtual Plant Adoption: Bring the beauty of nature into your team’s home with virtual plant adoption programs. Whether they’re new to gardening or seasoned plant parents, they’ll enjoy caring for their virtual plants and watching them thrive.

Online Language Course Subscription: Expand your team’s horizons with subscriptions to online language courses. Whether they’re learning a new language for travel or personal enrichment, these courses offer interactive lessons and immersive experiences to help them achieve their language learning goals.

Coffee Vouchers: Help your recipient get that extra boost in the morning with a coffee gift voucher that can be used at their favorite coffee shop. We promise, they will thank you for it!

What are Some e-Gift Use-Cases?

Discover the diverse applications of digital gifts across various aspects of your business operations and client engagement strategies.

  • Marketing Enhancement: Incorporate e-gifts into your marketing campaigns as incentives to increase lead generation and customer engagement.
  • Sales Enhancement: Utilize digital gifts as rewards for achieving sales targets, motivating sales representatives, and driving performance.
  • Re-targeting: Offer exclusive digital gifts as incentives for previous customers to return and re-engage with your brand, increasing customer retention.
  • Retention Strategy: Show appreciation to loyal clients and employees by gifting virtual subscriptions and experiences, encouraging continued engagement with your brand.
  • Staff Onboarding: Enhance the onboarding experience for new employees by providing access to e-gifts that promote skill enhancement and team bonding.
  • Commemorations: Surprise and delight clients and employees during milestone celebrations or special events with personalized virtual gifts, strengthening relationships and loyalty.


Incorporate personalized virtual gifts into your corporate gifting strategy to express appreciation, foster engagement, and strengthen relationships with your clients and employees.

Giftsenda offers comprehensive solutions for setting up and managing virtual gift campaigns, providing seamless integration and customization options to meet your specific needs and preferences. Elevate your corporate culture and enhance client and employee satisfaction with virtual gifts from Giftsenda today.

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