Using the HubSpot Integration for Effortless Automated Gifting With Zapier

Sep 19, 2023 | All Use-Cases

Automated workflows can grow your business in size, revenue, market share and profitability. Learn how to leverage HubSpot for automated gifting using Zapier. 

Zaps!  While in previous decades may have been used to describe a superhero using his laser vision to obliterate the villain; these days have a whole new meaning to them. In a way, zaps are similar to superheroes in that they remove all the hassle of repetitive tasks by automating them, so you don’t have to invest effort into completing manual tasks. Manual data entry may just be one of the most prominently tedious tasks in the corporate world. Not only does it simply make one fall asleep at your desk, but it also squanders precious resources and time; thereby abating productivity. 

With Zapier, leveraging self-operating processes that run manual tasks gives businesses the opportunity to increase productivity and revenue, all while saving them time and diminishing human error. 

Triggers are the events that start the zap process. Every zap begins with one trigger, which is either powered by a webhook subscription that keeps an eye out on new data as it comes in or by polling an API call to search for new data periodically. An action, on the other hand, is the event that occurs after the zap has been triggered. 

But how does all this exert influence on the gifting process? Read on to find out more on how to use HubSpot and Zapier for seamless corporate gifting. It’ll be worth your time, we guarantee it!

How Does Workflow Automation Aid Corporate Gifting?

Gift giving used to mean shopping around in physical establishments for the perfect gift; all while being unsure it’s even something your recipient would want. The alternative would be choosing any gift of low value, or simply branding any item with your company logo; hoping your recipient would remember the gesture itself and recall your brand when the time is right.

Corporate gifting has evolved into a new era of simple gift-giving that offers flexibility, seamless processes and systematic approaches. Sending gifts to international recipients has never been easier with Giftsenda as all the work is done for you.

Gift links have contributed to the ease of corporate gifting because they are simply links, delivered by a preferred messaging system, to a recipient allowing them to redeem or donate a gift; or choose one from a pre-curated selection. Integrating your HubSpot CRM with Zapier gives you added convenience as there are triggers from HubSpot that can be fittingly used in gifting. Let’s take a stepwise walk through how a new form submission can turn into a deal opportunity using corporate gifting.

  • A website visitor submits a form.
  • The action automatically enters the visitor into a drip campaign. It creates a “new deal”, setting the status to new
  • The first email of the drip campaign sends a meeting invitation to the visitor, who has now been converted to a lead.  
  • The lead schedules an appointment by clicking on an appropriate date on the meeting scheduler. 
  • A branded gift email invite is sent to the lead; thanking them for scheduling a meeting and delivering a gift link to a specific gift/ pre-curated gift collection.
  • The CRM creates a new task and assigns it to a specific sales representative.
  • The sales representative corresponds personally with the lead, thereby ending the automated workflow.

Automated gifting can occur at any stage of the process of business operations. For example, you could send a direct gift or gift link to a website visitor for simply submitting a form. Other instances where you could use zaps in corporate gifting include:

  • Updated Deal Stage: triggers automated gifting when a specified deal stage is entered.
  • New Company Property Stage: triggers automated gifting when a specified property is updated or provided on a company.
  • New Contact Property Stage: triggers automated gifting when a specified property is updated or provided on a contact.
  • New Engagement: triggers automated gifting when new engagement is created.
  • New Deal: triggers automated gifting when a new deal is available.

Automated systems are changing the way businesses operate in today’s ever changing landscape; especially in a world where companies and customers are constantly demanding faster processing of goods and services. Keeping in line with these shifts will do your organization well. 

Get to Zapping & Gifting!

Workflow automation is vital for companies to scale and grow, without having anything fall by the wayside. By letting automated workflows complete repetitive tasks for you, your business can essentially grow in size, revenue, market share and profitability in time. And the best part – the integrations are completely free. All that’s required are a HubSpot and Zapier account. 

With Giftsenda, Hubspot and Zapier; you can effectively grow your business through automated gifting – without any of the growing pains. 

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