10 Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Employees

Oct 18, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts, Human Resources

Find the most insightful ways to cheer staff this festive season and spread joy with ten of the best branded holiday gift ideas for employees. 

The festivity of enjoying fine food and exchanging gifts is nearly upon us. And while It may be getting a little chilly outside for some of us, we’re here to break the ice and help you out with 10 of the very best branded holiday gift ideas for employees, so you can just chill out and grab a hot cup of cocoa while we do all the heavy lifting. Let’s get onto it, shall we?

Why Send Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Employees

The joy of the Christmas season is not only limited to our families at home, but also to our families in the workplace. Because after all, that is what our business associates are… family. These are people you communicate with constantly, are in some cases always around and more often than not, share part of your lives with. 

And in the corporate gifting sector, the benefits of gift giving can be reaped on a personal level as well as a professional one. Some of the ways your employees can become more valuable to you through of this mutually beneficial scenario are by being more:

  • Productive: your staff will typically feel appreciated and seen when they receive a thoughtful gift from their company. This can translate into increased productivity.
  • Motivated: if your employees were feeling as though they were on a downward spiral in terms of feeling motivated, or on level ground without any upward trajectory in sight, a holiday gift is sure to boost their morale. 
  • Valued: a gift, especially one that is personalized, shows extra effort on your part to show generosity to your employees. This is one way your staff can feel valued and as part of the company team.
  • Secure & engaged: a corporate gift has the potential to make your employee feel secure in their job and job security can, in turn, be beneficial for your business. Employee retention brings a host of benefits itself, while employee engagement is always great to help your organization succeed. 

About 75% of employees have reported they experience a boost in job satisfaction for at least three months after receiving an appropriate holiday gift; while 46% say they experience the same for at least a year or more. With such an impact on the workplace, leveraging the power of great branded holiday gifts ideas for employees should be a no-brainer. 

A Guide To Choosing Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Employees

Employee gifts can sometimes sound counterintuitive. Why spend money on staff you’re already paying, right? Corporate gifting has a far better reach than you realize. It can not only save a business money, it can generate higher ROI. Yet, this is provided it’s done correctly. 

Here are ways you can make a gift right to gain the benefits of corporate gifting. Make an employee gift: 

  • Memorable: the gift you choose should be based on your recipient, not always your company. While your organization may love fine alcohol, for example, and think it’s a sign of refined gifting, your employee may not necessarily think so. Think of a gift that your employee will find valuable and this can be achieved by taking into account their likes, preferences and dislikes. 
  • Useful: a functional gift always makes an impression. Something you can use everyday or often will provide useful, as opposed to a gift that’s simply there for decorative purposes for example. 
  • Meaningful: there are many ways to make a gift meaningful but not as impactful as personalization. Incorporating special details, like a name or date, can add just the right touch to a gift to make it perfect in the eyes of your recipient. 
  • Appropriate: there are certain restrictions, customary principles and laws to follow when selecting a gift. This can be those your recipients are bound by through company policy or through cultural principles/ preferences. It’s always best to familiarize yourself with these before sending a gift. 

One way to ensure you hit the mark every time when gifting is by using an international gifting platform, like Giftsenda. With services like these you will always find the right gift that is everything above and more. In addition, there are easy ways to send your employee gift, such as through shareable links and email gift invites. These can be shared on any communication platform and can be sent in bulk to save you time, money and effort. 

10 of the Best Branded Holiday Gift Ideas For Employees

Hot Chocolate Tin Collection

Who doesn’t love a Christmas-y beverage around the holidays? The Hot Chocolate Tin Collection is a cute, festive, delicious gift your employees will love. This lovely assortment has flavors, such as peppermint, Belgian white chocolate and milk chocolate. Perfect for those who love Christmas as the gift tins can be treasured as beautiful keepsakes after the drink is finished. 

Message: A hot chocolate gift for when you’re feeling mug-nificent. Happy holidays!

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A highly functional and stylish portable speaker that is perfect for employees who are music lovers and always on the go. With its sleek design and powerful sound quality, the Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from JBL is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. Whether your recipient is heading to the office, hosting a backyard BBQ, or just enjoying some tunes in the park, the JBL Clip 4 Speaker provides crisp and clear sound. 

Message: Thanks for your crystal clear corporation and for being a great employee. Enjoy the holidays. 

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

The Coffee Connoisseur’s Pack

Every employee needs a coffee boost sometimes. And the Coffee Connoisseur’s Pack from Harry and David,  is just the right gift for the job. Perfect for coffee lover’s, this gift comes with a range of 6 gourmet coffee flavors, including chocolate cherry decadence, tiramisu, dark chocolate truffle, hazelnut praline, caramel pecan, and moose munch. 

Message: Here’s to your fab-brew-lous efforts. Have a great holiday season. 

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

Cozy Snuggle Suit

Imagine a fluffy tycoon of softness and comfort: this is the Cozy Snuggle Suit; a blanket your recipients can wear. Fitted with comfy sleeves and made from the softest material, the snuggle suit is like a warm embrace whenever a little extra comfort is craved. Give your employees a gift they can wear on a cold, Christmas-y night with the Cozy Snuggle Suit from Spoonful of Comfort. 

Message: Snuggle up in style and have a wonderful holiday season. 

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

Assorted Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box, 32 Pc

This exquisite collection of 32 premium biscuits coated in rich Godiva chocolate will surely impress and delight even the most discerning palate. You can spread holiday joy through your workforce with these delightful little treasures. The Assorted Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box, 32 Pc.

 Is perfect for those employees who have a sweet tooth. 

Message: We appreciate your efforts choco-lot. Happy holidays. 

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

Yeti Rambler 26 Oz Water Bottle

The high-quality Yeti Rambler 26 Oz Water Bottle is great for those always on the go, keeping drinks cold (or hot!) for hours. And with YETI’s renowned durability, this bottle is a true testament to your commitment to their well-being, lasting for years to come. Perfect for any employee to carry their beverage to the office and stay hydrated while on-the-go. 

Message: Thanks for adding a splash of positivity to our business. 

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

Filson Travel Pack

Crafted from durable ballistic nylon, the Filson Travel Pack is just the right gift for employees who are regularly traveling. This gift is a thoughtful display of your appreciation and a functional gift that’s sure to make an impression. 

Message: We appreciate having you a part of our business journey. Enjoy the holidays!

Fethiye Striped Blanket Throw (Blue)

Let your employees wrap themselves in style and elegance with the Fethiye Striped Blanket Throw (Blue). Made from sustainable practices and premium cotton, this cozy throw features a timeless stripe design in soothing shades of blue, making it a perfect accent for any space. Give the gift of a warm experience and add a touch of elegance to home and office spaces with this versatile blanket throw. The Fethiye Striped Blanket Throw from Hilana is not just a practical gift, but an eco-conscious one too. 

Message: Just so we’re throw-ing around great ideas… you’re an awesome employee. Have a cozy holiday season. 

Yoga Wellness Kit

The Yoga Wellness Kit is a gift carefully curated to foster well-being and vitality. This meticulously assembled collection, from Yoga Strong, includes a versatile foam roller, yoga sliders, and a flexible yoga strap. This harmonious trio of products reflects your sincere consideration, serving as a reminder of your dedication to your employees’ health and happiness. Perfect for yoga enthusiasts or those employees who love staying active. 

Message: We know it may be a bit of a stretch but here’s to the best holiday season ever!

branded holiday gift ideas for employees

Star Wars: Darth Vader Mug

The high-quality Star Wars: Darth Vader Mug is made from fine porcelain and features a bold and striking design of the iconic Darth Vader helmet. With a removable lid and a capacity of 709 ml, it’s perfect for sipping coffee or tea in style. Made from high-quality ceramic, this mug is durable and designed to last. This gift is perfect for any Star Wars fan.

Message: You put the Star in Star Wars. Thanks for being a great employee. 

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