9 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Clients

Aug 16, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

Be spoilt for choice and make the ultimate impression this Christmas when choosing between these nine amazing budget-friendly Christmas gifts for clients.  


A meaningful Christmas gift to your client or business associate – that churns change and creates a lasting impact – is not only for a large marketing budget. When it’s said “It’s the thought that counts”; this is ever so true no matter the intent of the gift or the person it’s sent to. Corporate gifting can work wonders and create amazing ways to foster or strengthen professional relationships, and one great time to show your appreciation is before or during the festive season. 

For Christmas, the best corporate gifts are the ones that evoke the festive spirit and achieve the benefits of business gifting. If you’re on a tight budget; we have the most amazing cost-effective Christmas gifts for clients that will help you stay on budget and move you to the fast track of client relationships. 

Why Send Christmas Gifts For Clients

It’s no secret that gifting in the corporate sense has a high ROI. It’s difficult to forget someone who has been especially helpful and appreciative to you. Here are some reasons to send Christmas gifts to customers:

  • It’s not always easy to discern the right time to send a gift to a client, but on the other hand it’s never a bad time to give a gift. Christmas is an extraordinarily special time to send a client a gift because the festivities of the season help create a new way to market your brand. 
  • Client gifts are a sort of self-promotion and your recipient is more likely to remember you for their next project. 
  • Giving budget-friendly holiday gifts for clients is a great way to show off your creative side – be it with design, a funny gift tag or even uniquely creative wrapping – you can use the opportunity to showcase your innovative side. 
  • The most practical reason to send gifts to clients – it strengthens existing relationships or fosters new ones. 

How You Can Save When Sending Christmas Gifts to Clients

Setting a specific budget and keeping to it is the only way to ensure you don’t spend more on holiday gifts to clients than you should. But looking for ways to reduce your corporate gifting spend can be a little trickier. Because after all, you need your gift to stand out for the right reasons (being unique, memorable, fun, practical), not for the wrong ones (being cheap, impractical, not particularly useful). A few tips you can use though that save you money but make you a pro at gifting are:

  • International gifts can be sent with an international gifting platform; like Giftsenda. This will save you money because it removes the cost of international shipping, customs clearance and so forth. 
  • Make your gift stand out or for a great unboxing experience using brown craft paper and Christmas toppers, such as rosemary sprigs. This is a cost-efficient alternative to costly wrapping paper / gift bags. 
  • Take advantage of the discount policies/ coupons offered by the gifting platform you’re using, essentially saving you money on your gifting campaigns.  

It’s also noteworthy that you adjust the budget according to the value of your recipient. The more important clients should be allocated a larger proportion of your spend, in line with their business worth.

Nine Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Ready to break corporate boundaries but not break the bank? Choose from these nine great budget-friendly gift ideas – specially curated for clients; with a special message to go along with it.

1. A Journal Notebook

This gift is perfect for clients who are always jotting down their tasks/ errands and other pieces of valuable information. You can personalize the journal notebook with your client’s details to add a special touch and package the gift in Christmas wrapping for an extra bit of pizazz. 

Message: A Christmas gift for a noteworthy client. Happy Holidays!

2. A Christmas Cookie Basket

Just about everyone loves cookies and the holidays are a great time to send eye-catching, attractive cookies that are Santa or Christmas – themed. Ideal for those who have a sweet tooth. 

Message: Remember Christmas is more than about the cheer, there’s also cookies.

Christmas gifts for clients

3. A Voucher for a Cinnamon-Spiced Pumpkin Latte 

A budget-friendly Christmas gift for clients that can double as a great way to say “let’s meet” is a coffee voucher. Add a festive touch and turn it into a cinnamon-spiced pumpkin latte voucher.

Message: When your yawn becomes a silent scream for coffee; we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the holidays!

4. A Christmas e-Gift Card

It just wouldn’t be practical not to add in the gift of all gifts – the one that excuses you from the anxiety of gift giving. A way to ensure your recipient loves what they get and doesn’t feel the need to return it. This gift is especially for those clients who are difficult to shop for or those who you don’t really know all too well. You can add in a festive touch with the card or a branded Christmas email gift invite from Giftsenda. 

Message: The Christmas gift of possibilities, in a tiny plastic package. Because we appreciate your business!

5. A Personalized Snow Globe

A fun, quirky and unique gift to give clients is a personalized snow globe. Not only will you save on the cost-effectiveness of this gift but you can always make a memorable gifting experience by adding in customized messages/ details that speak to the personal side of your recipient. This gift is perfect for those who have a fun-loving, quirky side.

Message: There’s snow way we’d forget you this Christmas season. Happy holidays to a valued client. 

6. A Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament

Let your recipient add some spark to their Christmas tree and remember you whenever they look at it by giving them a personalized Christmas tree ornament. You can customize your gift with their name or family name; or a date that is particularly special to them. 

Message: Sparkle, lights and everything nice. Here’s a great addition to your Christmas tree. 

holiday gifts for clients

7. A Customized Water Bottle

Water bottles are practical and budget-friendly. Not to mention, a glass water bottle is not single-use; thereby driving your stand on sustainable practices. This gift is ideal for those clients who are vested in a greener environment. 

Message: As refreshing as our business relationship. Cheers to a great Christmas!

8. A Christmas Nuts Snack Basket

While nuts are not exactly only for Christmas per se, they do have a Christmas-y feeling to them. The nuts that fall into this category include brazilian nuts, walnuts, macadamias and cashews. A Christmas nuts snack basket is perfect for those who love snacks/ nuts.

Message: Just because we’re nutty about our business clients. Happy holidays!

9. Christmas Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Give your clients a boost of vitamin C, with a little treat. Strawberries are a healthy snack and they’re covered with chocolate – just because it’s Christmas. 

Message: Wishing you a berry merry Christmas! 

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Clients

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