8 Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas for Hanukkah

Aug 18, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Holiday Gifts

New ways to make a business connection with 8 thoughtful corporate gift ideas for Hanukkah to celebrate the holidays that are important to your Jewish recipients.

Some may think that Hanukkah is the Jewish equivalent of Christmas, but this holiday is so much more to those that celebrate it. Also called the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is both a spiritual significance and a historical observance. So, the meaning of this holiday is special enough for your Jewish employees, clients and colleagues to be showered with a well-curated corporate gift that is a token of Jewish symbolism. And if you need a little miracle of your own when choosing a gift for your Jewish staff or business associates – to celebrate the Jewish miracle of long-burning oil – we have just what you need: 8 thoughtful corporate gift ideas for Hanukkah. Let’s do this!

What is Hanukkah?

It wouldn’t be a great read without actually covering a brief history on this holiday now would it? After all, when observing a special holiday it’s best to delve somewhat deeper into the historical significance to get the true meaning of why it’s important. 

Hanukkah is the symbolism of the creation of light, in the darkest times. It is celebrated by lighting the nine candles of a menorah; also known as a Hannukiah. Essentially this festival of lights commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple after the Jewsih people reclaimed, in the second century BCE, from the Syrian-Greeks. The miracle being a little oil used to light the temple, while expected to last only briefly, lasted for a full eight nights. Hence, the observance of this festival over eight days. 

And now that we’ve caught up on a brief History lesson, it’s on to some gifting pro tips to keep you in the green when sending corporate gifts for Hanukkah. 

What to Keep in Mind When Sending Corporate Gifts for Hanukkah

While any gift is a symbol of appreciation, there are some Hanukkah gift giving etiquette don’ts to be mindful of. It is best not to overthink the gifting but also steer clear of certain things that may not be right for the occasion, such as:

  • Avoid Red or Green Gifts as much as possible: although Hanukkah is generally around late November, early December every year; the Christmas theme is not appropriate. Red and green gifts, while appropriate for Christmas, should be swapped for blue and white gifts; in keeping with the colors of the festival of lights.
  • Don’t Wrap Gifts in Christmas Wrapping Paper: it’s not wise to assume Hanukkah is considered the equivalent to Christmas and therefore, wrap gifts in Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Rather get Hanukkah themed wrapping paper and show you know the occasion you’re celebrating. 
  • Don’t Give Food Items That Are Not Kosher: not every Jewish person only eats Kosher foods but it would be best to know your recipient before sending them a snack basket or food item. Kosher foods are those that conform to the dietary regulations of kashrut (Judaic dietary laws). 

Things you can keep in mind when sending corporate gifts for Hanukkah is that personalization is always a winner! People appreciate customized gifts because they have a certain special connotation to them. Knowing you’ve gone the extra mile to personalize a gift is the essence of a thoughtful gift. 

Eight Great Hanukkah Gift Ideas

The Jewish festival of lights is not a holiday for lavish gift giving. Small, thoughtful gifts are often more appropriate and to make a real impression, you can add a delightful gift note to take it over the top. Here are some great corporate gift ideas for Hanukkah:

1. Wine

Wine is probably one of the most popular gifts to give on any occasion. And while you may wonder if it’s a suitable Hanukkah gift – don’t fret – it is. In fact, many Jewish people celebrate occasions with wine. You can even go as far as sending kosher wine, which is wine made or handled by Sabbath-observing Jews (from the crushing process to bottling) and without any non-kosher ingredients or additives. 

Message: It would be a miracle for this wine to last eight nights because it’s so good. Enjoy and Happy Hanukkah!

corporate gift ideas for Hanukkah

2. DIY Cocktail Gift Set

Something a little more fun than wine? … yes, it’s a cocktail. Let your recipient create their own cocktails with a DIY gift set that will add some fun to their eight nights of celebration. And if you want to take it one step further, give them a Sangria DIY cocktail gift set. Why you may ask? Because the traditional drink of Hanukkah is Manischewitz and the sweetness of this drink is perfect for making a delightful sangria, you could substitute the red wine for manischewitz and before you know it – you have a Jewish-themed cocktail… Well, sort of.  

Message: Here’s to finding the zest in our business connection, one cocktail at a time. Mazel Tov!

3. A Kosher Snack Basket

Food items are extremely popular corporate gifts ideas for Hanukkah. That said, a well put together snack basket with Kosher foods would be a great treat for your Jewish / Hanukkah-observing recipient. 

Message: Keep your snacks close and your business associates/ clients/ employees closer. Happy Hanukkah! 

4. A Menorah

Probably the most obvious gift for Hanukkah would be a menorah. Apart from being a timeless item, a menorah is also an indication that you understand the traditions of this Judaic holiday thereby adding meaning behind the occasion. Although some menorah may be heirlooms, this gift may be appropriate for new converts or those observing the holiday in their own homes. 

Message: May our business relationship be as bright as your menorah! Happy Hanukkah!

corporate gift ideas for Hanukkah

5. A Board Game

Board games are great corporate gifts ideas for Hanukkah because they represent the “togetherness” of the holiday. This festival is symbolic of love and family and what better way to combine these than with a gift that will bring the two together. There are even Jewish-themed board games that you can gift. 

Message: Our business relationship is like a board game, advancing forward is key. Happy Hanukkah!

6. A Blue & White Personalized Hoodie

Although Hanukkah doesn’t have a specific traditional outfit, you can take a meaningful gift – like a personalized hoodie – and incorporate the blue and white colors of hanukkah to give it a little extra pizzazz. 

Message: For all the warmth you bring to this professional relationship. Happy Hanukkah!

7. A Donut Gift Basket

Although Hanukkah doesn’t not have a specific traditional outfit, you can take a meaningful gift – like a personalized hoodie – and incorporate the blue and white colors of hanukkah to give it a little extra pizzazz. 

Message: For all the warmth you bring to this professional relationship. Happy Hanukkah!

8. Jewish Cuisine / Recipe Book

Let your recipients keep in line with their traditions and learn more about Jewish cuisine by giving them a cookbook/ recipe book. If possible, find a cookbook/ recipe book that has a traditional latke recipe – a type of fritter or potato pancake made on Hanukkah to celebrate the festivities. 

Message: A little gift to let you know I appreciate our business connection a – latke. Happy Hanukkah!

Let Giftsenda Help You Send Corporate Gifts for Hanukkah Worldwide

When you have recipients worldwide, you can streamline your Hanukkah corporate gifting by sending gift links on any platform you choose. Gift links are simple to use and convenient, especially when sending multiple gifts. One of the best features of this automated gifting approach is that your recipient provides their delivery information once they’ve clicked on the link and chosen/ redeemed their gift. You can even customize your gifting campaigns by using the collection builder to select specific gifts, such as Hanukkah-themed gifts, to add to a collection. 

Integrate your CRM to the Giftsenda platform, giving you access to all the information you’ll need for your campaign or to Zapier, which allows you to automate workflows and set triggers so you can save time not having to manually complete repetitive tasks. Your corporate gifts for Hanukkah will also be delivered in 2-5 business days, meaning you’ll be right on time for the festival of lights when appropriately timing the delivery of your gift. 

For more ideas that are as bright as the candles on a menorah, you can speak to one of our gift campaign managers who will help you with every step of the gifting process when sending corporate gifts for Hanukkah. No subscription required! 


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