A Guide to Sending Gifts to Singapore, Culture & More

Feb 26, 2024 | Gift Ideas

Discover interesting facts about the country and culture in our detailed guide to sending gifts to Singapore.

If you’re looking for some fun facts about a magnificent country, that’s just what you’re going to get. That, and the best tips on how to send gifts to Singapore; the smallest country in Southeast Asia by surface area.

To begin with, did you know Singapore is not just a city on a single island? It is, in fact, a city of a whopping 64 islands. The land area of the republic of Singapore includes as many as 64 offshore islands that surround the main island. And what does that mean for the tourists visiting this bustling city? A lot more fun in the sun!

tourist attraction in Singapore

Yet this famous island resort with its myriad of attractions is not just large in size, it’s an ever-evolving wonderland of unforgettable experiences and bold adventure. From its picturesque skyline to its vibrant metropolis; Singapore is not simply for those who crave novelty but also for those who want to experience the world from a fresher perspective.

Other than the natural havens for the visitors to relish, this country also has spectacular man-made summits to explore. One being the indoor man-made waterfall housed in the Jewel Changi Airport, which drops from 40 meters high and is said to be the tallest indoor waterfall to date. This luxuriant marvel is not only extravagant in its design but is also surrounded by a lush indoor garden; making a trip to this beautiful city a dream in itself. 

A guide to sending gifts to Singapore

Singapore also offers nocturnal experiences, such as a night safari, providing an adventure unlike any other. With over 1000 animals, of 120 species, enjoying these wonders in their naturalistic night-time environments is a true transformation of the traditional zoo visit. Hopping onto a 40 minute guided tram makes for the view of these park attractions an experience to remember. 

Things That People in Singapore Love

Firstly, the people of Singapore are known as Singaporeans. Something noteworthy especially if you’re planning on visiting the country or have a recipient to whom you’re sending a gift. Singaporeans have a multi-cultural diversity of ethnicities, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and others.

The people of Singapore are family oriented and place strong emphasis on their respect for elders. That said, the people of this country often agree on another thing: their love for shopping! With more than 200 shopping malls (which equates to about one mall for every 28 000 residents) these establishments are not only for making necessary purchases, but also a necessary escape from the intense heat of this country situated quite close to the equator. 

people enjoying a sunny day in Singapore

Street foods are also another love of the people of this beautiful country. Their hawker food culture is a vibrant tapestry with signature dishes that have roots in multiple nations. Some of the famous dishes enjoyed by Sinagporeans are laksa and Hainanese chicken rice; which also have similar variants and roots in other countries like China and Indonesia. 

people walking on a street in Singapore

Gift-Giving Etiquette in Singapore

Given the diverse ethnic culture of Singapore, the gift giving traditions can be specific to each ethnic identity. For one though, showing respect to elders and others is essential social etiquette in Singapore, which also translates to the act of giving gifts. Therefore, when sending gifts to Singapore it’s always wise to be aware of the practices. For the physical gesture itself, it is important to use both hands when receiving or giving a gift as a sign of respect and avoid unwrapping or opening the gift when in the presence of the gift giver. This is viewed as disrespectful and is typically frowned upon.

The wrapping of gifts is to be elaborate; particularly to the Chinese Singaporeans. This is proper gift giving etiquette, but may exclude the use of white or black wrapping paper as these often signify mourning. The Malay Singaporeans typically relate to Islamic traditions and so don’t generally accept gifts with pork, alcohol or food items that are not associated with halal practices. Similarly, for the Hindu people of this nation; alcohol and leather products are taboo; yet gifts wrapped in bright colors, like yellow, red or green, are commended. For the Chinese Singaporeans, gifts wrapped in red or gold wrapping paper are appreciated and admired, but sharp objects, such as knives, are not. Other gifts that are not appropriate for this ethnic class include umbrellas, mirrors, clocks, green hats, handkerchiefs and yellow or white flowers. 

Popular Holidays and Celebrations in Singapore

With year-long cultural festivities, lifestyle events and sporting occasions in Singapore, there’s always something to celebrate. One popular event is the HSBC World Rugby Singapore Sevens; hosted at the S$1.3 billion Singapore Sports Hub, which offers a mix of martial arts extravaganza, sports and live music concerts to enjoy. While in July, foodies can tear themselves away from the sporting events to relish in food festivals, such as the Singapore Food Festival, where they can savor modern Singaporean dishes that combine the traditional signatures of well-known dishes and a uniquely modern twist.  

There are about 11 official public holidays in Singapore, one of the biggest being their national day, which falls on the 9th of August. This day commemorates the independence of the country and is celebrated with a much-anticipated annual National Day Parade (NDP) that witnesses an estimated 25 000 spectators every year. Other popular holidays to send gifts to Singapore include Easter and Christmas. 

lanterns hanging in Singapore

Popular Gifts to Send to Singapore

As Singaporeans are frequently acquainted with good food, a snack basket may make a great gift. You can fill these gift baskets with Singaporean treats, such as Hainanese chicken rice, Bak Kwa, Kaya jam and salted egg fish skins and chips. Picking food items to go into a gift hamper can also be a thoughtful way of personalizing a gift. This is easily done by selecting snacks, foods or beverages that your recipient likes. For a recipient that is healthy, vegan snacks or low-carb foods may be an appropriate option in keeping with their lifestyle or diet. Likewise, if your recipient is a snack lover, you can add treats they love or popular treats such as those mentioned above.

When choosing meaningful gifts for the people of Singapore, ensure they are practical and functional. Some options include tech gadgets, such as a portable bluetooth speaker or a dual power bank. Moreover, it is customary to bathe at least twice a day in Singapore; meaning hygiene may play an important role in the daily lives of the people of this nation. A spa, beauty or wellness gift will create the impression you are familiar with the customs of your recipient and value their practices. 

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