How To Send Sales Gifts For Increased Conversion Rates

Apr 12, 2023 | Sales

Learn how to send sales gifts to your customers and prospects to boost your conversion rates with this comprehensive guide.

Businesses are primarily established to cater to needs, bridge gaps, and offer essential services, but the ultimate objective remains to maximize profits. While customers do not purchase goods and services solely based on their desires, modern and highly-empowered buyers prefer vendors and service providers they can relate to. They look for personalized, humanized selling processes beyond fulfilling their needs. This underlines the significance of superior customer service, transparent engagement platforms, and reward-driven relationships to outcompete market rivals.

In this context, businesses of all sizes and verticals must leverage tools that highlight their competitive advantages and amplify the importance of customer service. A survey by Deloitte indicates that brands with high customer satisfaction ratings have a 14% higher revenue growth rate than brands with low satisfaction scores. Therefore, integrating customer-centric strategies such as gifting can play a pivotal role in boosting conversion rates.

This article focuses on the advantages of incorporating gifting into sales strategies, offering effective sales-focused gifting campaigns to maximize conversion rates, and demonstrating how gifting can enhance brand affinity and improve positive buyer-seller engagement. Positive sentiment resulting from gifting may also lead to increased buy-ins and retention, fostering long-term customer loyalty.

The article will comprehensively explain how Giftsenda campaigns form a crucial part of the sales and marketing puzzle box. By adopting gifting campaigns, businesses can complete their bottom-line picture and achieve an ROI of up to 185%, as the Harvard Business Review stated. 

Therefore, to unlock the potential of gifting in sales and marketing, read on to learn how this strategy can be harnessed to create a unique and exceptional customer experience.

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Why Is It Important To Send Sales Gifts?

Leveraging sales gifts can be an effective tactic to enhance customer engagement, augment brand affinity, and amplify conversion rates. According to a recent study, companies that include gifting as a part of their sales strategy observe a 6-fold increase in customer satisfaction and an average of 60% higher conversion rates than those that don’t, underscoring the immense potential of sales gifts in enhancing a company’s sales and marketing efforts.

Cultivate a Positive Sentiment

Firstly, presenting sales gifts can symbolize appreciation towards the customers and clients, cultivating a positive sentiment that fosters prolonged loyalty. This can also facilitate the development of personalized relationships, demonstrating the company’s genuine interest in customers beyond mere business dealings.

Create Differentiation

Secondly, sales gifts present a viable opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors by demonstrating an added layer of customer care, illustrating a willingness to go beyond standard services, thus creating a unique selling proposition (USP). This can empower companies to stand out and secure a competitive edge in the saturated market landscape and secure a competitive edge.

Augment Referral Rates

Thirdly, sales gifts can help augment word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals, creating an environment of organic growth and an increased scope for potential business prospects. Moreover, customers frequently share their experiences through social media platforms, and a well-executed sales gift can generate positive buzz, translating into increased brand awareness and elevated visibility.

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” Corporate gifting can help companies earn the trust of their customers, leading to increased revenue and long-term success.

Why Is Sending Sales Gifts An Effective Way To Increase Conversion Rates?

Sending sales gifts can be a highly effective way to increase conversion rates by leveraging the principles of reciprocity and reward-driven relationships. Research shows that when individuals receive gifts, they are more likely to feel obligated to reciprocate the favor, making them more likely to purchase or take action.

Furthermore, sales gifts can be strategically used to create a sense of exclusivity and incentivize action, which can be particularly effective for driving sales. A recent study found that offering a free gift with a purchase can increase sales by up to 73%, indicating the significant impact of incorporating sales gifts into a company’s sales strategy.

Finally, sales gifts can increase customer loyalty and retention, which can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. In fact, research shows that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in profits.

Overall, the strategic use of sales gifts can profoundly impact a company’s conversion rates and bottom line, and businesses should carefully consider incorporating them into their sales and marketing strategies.

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When Should You Send Sales Gifts?

When it comes to sending sales gifts, there are a plethora of occasions that warrant a thoughtful gesture, and these include:

  • Holidays: Take advantage of festive seasons such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter to send thoughtful gifts to your customers.
  • Birthdays: Show your customers you value them and their business by sending a birthday gift.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate the anniversary of your customer’s first purchase or business relationship with a thoughtful token of appreciation.
  • Product Launches: Generate interest and excitement in your new products or services by sending gifts to your customers.
  • Referral Rewards: Encourage customers to refer more business to you by offering them a gift as a reward.
  • Appreciation: Offer gifts as rewards for attending demos or online events; you can even thank them for their support after a big project has been completed.

Remember that timing and frequency are crucial considerations when it comes to gift-giving. Strike a balance between showing appreciation and not overwhelming your customers with too many gifts. Consider factors such as the size of the customer’s purchase, the length of your relationship, and the occasion.

Generally, sending gifts at least 3 times a year is good practice to show appreciation. However, you can also send gifts more frequently for special occasions or for loyal customers who make larger purchases. When using gift-giving to incentivize customers to make a purchase, ensure the gift is valuable enough to motivate them without eating into your profit margins. Opt for a gift with purchase or a discount code for their next order to keep them returning for more.

Finally, remember to personalize the gift and express genuine appreciation to make it memorable. A handwritten note or a personalized message can go a long way in making the gift feel more meaningful. With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to building a thriving customer-centric sales culture.

Businesses That Have Successfully Used Sales Gifts To Increase Conversion Rates


The renowned cosmetics retailer has effectively utilized sales gifts to elevate conversion rates. Sephora’s well-designed Beauty Insider program offers customers a unique value proposition, including exclusive benefits such as early access to new products, complimentary samples, and tailored birthday gifts based on a customer’s purchase history and preferences.

Consequently, Sephora has been successful in driving customer loyalty and repeat purchases. The brand’s commitment to a customer-centric approach through personalized gifting has catapulted Sephora’s Beauty Insider program to become a leading loyalty initiative in the retail industry. This approach has enabled Sephora to achieve sustainable growth and profitability while also establishing itself as a formidable competitor in the cosmetics market.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker, an eyewear retailer, implemented a “Home Try-On” program that enables potential customers to try on up to five frames at home before purchasing. The company includes a complimentary cleaning cloth and spray with each Home Try-On kit to incentivise more customers to participate in the program. This small yet effective gift has helped Warby Parker boost their conversion rates and customer loyalty by enhancing the customer’s overall experience, leading to a higher likelihood of a purchase.

Factors To Consider When Curating Sales Driving Corporate Gifts

Curating sales-driving corporate gifts requires a thoughtful approach to ensure that the gifts resonate with recipients and serve as effective and practical marketing tools. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Relevance: Personalization or selecting a gift that aligns with the recipient’s interests is crucial. In fact, a study found that personalized gifts result in a 20% increase in sales.
  • Branding: The inclusion of tasteful branding can increase brand visibility and affinity. 83% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with companies that have branded promotional products.
  • Quality: High-quality gifts reflect the company’s standards and values and can create a lasting impression on the recipient. In fact, 50% of consumers say that the quality of a promotional product influences their perception of the brand.
  • Timing: Gifts should be given at an appropriate time, such as after a successful transaction or during a holiday season, to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Budget: The cost of the gift should align with the company’s budget, while still being meaningful and impactful to the recipient. However, it’s worth noting that consumers often perceive a higher value in promotional products than their actual cost.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Cultural differences should be considered when selecting gifts to avoid any unintentional offense.
  • Ethical considerations: Companies should avoid gifts that may be perceived as bribery or have negative environmental impacts.

By considering these factors, companies can curate sales-driving corporate gifts that are effective, aligned with their brand values and objectives, and appreciated by recipients.

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Making The Gifting Process Seamless With Giftsenda

Efficient processes are crucial in business, and gift-giving is no exception. Giftsenda provides a comprehensive gifting platform that can streamline the process and make it easier for businesses to manage. As the famous quote goes, “Time is money”, and inefficient gift-giving processes can cost businesses up to 30% of their revenue. Therefore, a global gifting platform like Giftsenda can be a game-changer for businesses looking to save time and resources.

By automating the gift-giving process and using our address-collection feature, businesses can focus on other essential tasks. Moreover, using our corporate gifting platform as a sales-enablement tool can help ensure consistency in the gift-giving process. From selecting gifts to shipping and delivery, every recipient receives a high-quality gift that aligns with the company’s brand values and objectives. 

In conclusion, we can make the gift-giving process more accessible, efficient, and effective for both the company and the recipient. Businesses can ultimately drive increased revenue and long-term success by automating the process, saving time and resources, improving customer satisfaction, and ensuring consistency.

Measuring The Impact Of Sales Gifts

To ensure that gift-giving efforts are driving optimal results, it is imperative for businesses to measure their impact using data-driven insights. Here are some ways to measure the impact of sales gifts:

  • Track gift acceptance rates: Calculate the ROI of gifts in attributing the gifts cost to deals/opportunities closed
  • Monitor customer feedback: It helps identify improvement areas and refine the approach.
  • Analyze recipient behavior: This helps determine whether gifts positively impact customer retention and loyalty.

A recent study found that 67% of marketers believe that data-driven marketing is crucial to success. Therefore, businesses should leverage data-driven insights to optimize their gift-giving strategies, drive long-term success, and increase customer loyalty.

Practical Tips for Successful Gifting

  • Personalize your gift: Take into account the recipient’s interests and preferences when selecting a gift, and tailor it accordingly. A customized gift is a tangible demonstration of your attention to detail, and it can foster a sense of appreciation and recognition in the recipient.
  • Include a personalized note: With the gift, enclose a handwritten note or greeting card that conveys your gratitude to the recipient and explains why you chose that specific gift. This adds a personal touch to the gift, creating an emotional connection with the recipient.
  • Provide a range of gift options: When selecting gifts, it’s crucial to consider the recipient’s tastes and preferences. Offering various gift options by sending them a gift collection from which they can choose a specific item can ensure that the recipient receives a gift that they will genuinely appreciate. This also demonstrates that you have taken the time to reflect on the gift and have considered the recipient’s interests.
  • Follow up with the recipient: After the gift has been delivered, it is prudent to follow up with the recipient to inquire about their satisfaction with it if they have not used the “thank you” messaging option available on the Giftsenda platform. This not only demonstrates your interest in their opinion but it also provides valuable feedback that can be used to enhance future gift-giving.
  • Consider the packaging: The gift packaging can also contribute to its attractiveness. Consider customizing the gift wrap in a unique way, such as utilizing the recipient’s favorite color or including a small symbolic item that is significant to them. You can also choose to use your brand colors to create a branded experience.
  • Avoid fixating on the price: Although the gift’s cost should be considered, it is critical to focus on the thought and effort put into selecting the gift. The most meaningful gifts frequently convey that you care for the recipient and have taken the time to reflect on the present.
  • Plan ahead: Finally, preparing ahead is critical when giving gifts. This gives you sufficient time to select the ideal gift, personalize it, and ensure it is delivered on time. Scrambling to find a last-minute gift can result in a less thoughtful and meaningful present.

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