What To Know About Sending Corporate Gifts To Mexico

Dec 2, 2022 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ‘Mexico’? If your inner voice immediately went ‘tequila, tacos, beaches, and amigo’, we totally don’t blame you. Everyone enjoys tacos over tequilas con sus amigos (with their friends), yes? 

From exquisite indigenously designed pottery from Oaxaca city and the Tonala village, to intricately embroidered cotton ensembles and symbolic folk art – Mexico boasts an artistic history that dates back generations and is considered the hub of pre-Columbian architecture. 

As noted in history’s pages, Mexico was first inhabited 10 000 years ago and was placed high up the ‘cradle of civilization’ pedestal due to its inclusive cultural developments. During the 300 years of Spain’s rule and influence, the country became a magnet and cultural cooking pot for both  Europeans and Latin Americans alike, and today stands as one of the most culturally diverse in the region.

​​In this blog, we take a look at the Mexican corporate gifting culture, dance around a few facts about Mexico we bet you didn’t know, and highlight a few gifts your Mexican recipients will absolutely love. Podemos (shall we)?

Popular gifts Your Mexican Recipients Will Appreciate

Though the exchange of gifts isn’t common practice in the Mexican business landscape, the gesture is always welcome and does add fuel to the flames of your business relationships. Some popular gift options for your Mexican recipients include: 

High-quality branded merch: Items bearing your company logo are a welcome gift as the gesture and effort always precede the gift itself. 

Souvenir from your region: Mexicans enjoy cultural exchanges and are delighted by an opportunity to learn about regions and cultures outside their own. A book, ornament, food, and drink items from the sender’s country is a five-star gift. 

Bottle of wine or Scotch: Tequilas aren’t the only round table-friendly beverages on your Mexican associate’s list. A good bottle of wine or scotch will do the trick and earn a few brownie points too.

 Flowers/Plants: Mexico is known for its incredible abundance of cactus-type plants, so it wouldn’t be completely off to assume that Mexicans love good plants, especially ones that are easy to care for.

Fun Facts About Mexico

  • A total of 69 languages are spoken and officiated in Mexico. This is more than any other North American country. 
  • It’s easier to hail a taxi in Mexico than it is in New York, and that’s because the country boasts the highest taxi count in the world. 
  • Mexico is arguably the largest consumer of Coca-Cola in the world. 
  • Love your HD retina TV? Well, color TV was invented by a Mexican. 
  • Mexico City sinks about 12cm every year. It was built on a lake. 
  • The oldest university in North America is found in Mexico
  • No one knows what ‘Mexico’ means, not even the Mexicans. 
  • All beaches in Mexico are public. ALL!
  • Contrary to popular belief, Mexico houses the world’s biggest pyramid, not Egypt.

Gifting Dos and Don’ts

DO offer symbolic gifts that carry educational elements with them 

DO offer candy, gourmet snacks, and flowers. They’re highly preferred. 

DO exercise formality and restraint when offering gifts. Too suggestive is bad for the relationship. 

DO NOT ask the recipient what they want as a gift, this is considered offensive. 

DO NOT offer yellow or red flowers. They symbolize death and spells. 

DO NOT offer gifts that are too pricey or too cheap. Average is good.

Make Use of Mexican Public Holidays for Tactical Gifting

Jan 1: New Year’s Day

Feb 5: Constitution Day

Feb 7: Constitution Day

Mar 2: Ash Wednesday

Mar 21: Benito Juárez’s Birthday Memorial

Apr 10: Palm Sunday

Apr 14: Maundy Thursday

Apr 15: Good Friday

Apr 16: Holy Saturday

Apr 17: Easter Sunday

May 1: Labor Day / May Day

May 5: Cinco de Mayo

Sep 16: Independence Day

Oct 12: Day of Race

Nov 2: All Souls’ Day

Nov 20: Revolution Day Memorial

Nov 21: Revolution Day Memorial

Dec 12: Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Dec 25: Christmas Day

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

Why Use a Corporate Gifting Platform To Send Gifts to Mexico?

When launching your campaigns to Mexico through the Giftsenda corporate gifting platform, guesswork is eliminated from the process, and you can be sure that culturally inappropriate gifts will not make it into your cart. This is because:

  • The Giftsenda team has 20 years of international gift delivery experience and a deep understanding of the gifting cultures, norms, and traditions of every region we service. 
  • Gift items are sourced locally in Mexico. This way, items align with cultural preferences and adhere to general gifting etiquette rules. 
  • With our automated gifting tools, recipients have the option to choose from a variety of gift items available in our Gift Catalog, and this eliminates chances of inappropriate or offensive gift item selections.

Ready to get started with corporate gifting campaigns to Mexico or on a global scale? Book a 30-minute demo with one of our Gift Campaign Managers to see how our gifting platform works.

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