21 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas To Make An Impact

May 12, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas

Corporate gifting is a proven method to help increase loyalty amongst clients and employees. This article provides 21 unique corporate gift ideas to help you make a lasting impression.

What is a Unique Corporate Gift?

Corporate gifting is one of the best methods of building relationships and adding a personal touch to all areas of a business. It is usually a present given by a business to clients, employees, or other business partners. It’s a way for companies to say “thanks for doing business with us” without actually having to say it out loud. Choosing unique corporate gift ideas can help recipients feel valued and in turn increase their loyalty to your company. Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff? 

Keys to Unique Corporate Gifts

When brainstorming for unique corporate gift ideas, the main key is to always personalize the experience to your recipient as much as possible. Personalization is both key in terms of the specific item, messaging as well as the packaging. You want to make sure the gift aligns with your recipients preferences or passions to make sure it has the greatest possible impact. Adding in a handwritten note in a nice box can help increase a recipient’s satisfaction.

Furthermore, to have truly unique corporate gift ideas, it is important to get to know your recipients well. Throughout any conversations with either clients or employees, take note of the little things they may mention. Gifting based on these small details will make the recipient feel heard and allow them to appreciate the gift on a personal level.

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to unique corporate gifts. There is no one perfect gift as something that is cherished by one person can mean nothing to a peer. However, there are some items that just seem to be universally loved by so many. Thankfully, we decided to make a list of these to help you start your corporate gifting journey. This blog will discuss 21 unique corporate gift ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression. All these items are available now through our online shop and corporate gifting platform!

1. Travelers Essentials Kit

While you may not be able to afford to send someone on an all expenses paid vacation, you can get them all the essential items they need to make the trip go smoothly! This kit comes complete with chargers for any device as well as charging ports for anyone in a car or in the sky!

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Milestones, Onboarding Big Clients

Message: Here to help you stay connected while you are on the go!

2. Yeti Products

Many of us are delighted to purchase essential, long-lasting, and functional products from Yeti. However, when gifting, you can particularly relish the opportunity to personalize your purchases, adding a touch of excitement by jazzing up your travel mugs or water bottles with your own choice of customization.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Onboarding New Employee, SWAG Gifts

Message: Stay refreshed with this new Yeti water bottle! 

3. Prestige Bourbon Smoker Kit

The perfect gift for any recipient who enjoys a glass of whiskey at the end of the work day. This gift will help take their experience to the next level!

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Milestones, Long Term Clients

Message: Enjoy a smoked glass on me!

4. Patagonia Products

For those who like to log off after the work week and get outdoors, Patagonia makes some of the best bags for going outdoors or just traveling. What’s more, this brand is known for their efforts to create products from sustainable materials, making the gift extra special for someone who is conscious about looking after the environment.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Birthdays, Gift Before a Vacation

Message: Hope you enjoy some time in nature, definitely beats the office!

5. Godiva Thank You Gift

Everyone, and I mean everyone, likes a box of chocolates. Perfect for any occasion, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just as a “thank you”.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Anniversary, Birthday, Career Milestone, Post Sale…..or any other occasion!

Message: Want to know what’s sweeter than chocolate? Doing business with you!

6. A Taste of Italy

Do you have an employee who is always bringing in the best leftovers? Get this gift basket to help them make the best pasta! Complete with pasta, olive oil, beef sausage, pesto, and a wooden spoon. Pairing it with a bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt either…

Use Case: Milestones, Loyalty Gifts, Thank You, Onboarding Gifts

Message: If you learned anything from the movie Goodfellas, remember, don’t put too many onions in the sauce!

7. Theater Treats Assortment

Set your recipients up for the perfect at-home movie night with buttery popcorn and their favorite candy. The hardest part about this option is picking a movie. We suggest The Aviator, Moneyball or if you’re in the mood for the craziness of the world of stock trading, The Wolf of Wall Street!

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Reward, Remote Workers

Message: Why go out when movie night can be just as good at home!

8. Comfort by the Dozens

For many of us baked goods are a guilty pleasure, and gifts are a great way for us to indulge in them. Nothing shows some sweet appreciation like cookies and whoopie pies.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Post Sale, Birthday, Onboarding New Employees

Message: Sending thank you’s by the dozen!

9. Sliced and Savory Crate

Charcuterie boards have become a staple appetizer at every event. Ingredients ranging from summer sausage and garlic cheese to blueberry jam will take your tastebuds on an adventure! This gift will be great for any office party or home gathering.

Use Case: Company Events, Post Sale, Loyalty Gifts

Message: Make sure to throw away the packaging so everyone will think you did it!

10. Bottle of Moet

There are many business milestones that call for celebration. Whether it’s an employee’s 10 year anniversary or the company going public, nothing screams “celebrate” like a bottle of bubbly!

Use Case: Milestones, Retirement, Anniversary

Message: When sending gifts to the best, you can only send the best! 

11. Apple AirPods Pro

While some are still wary of new technology, there’s no doubt that the AirPods have changed the game! Once you try them out, there is no going back.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Milestones

Message: Welcome to the future! Now you can listen with freedom of movement.

12. Meditation Kit

Work can be stressful at times, but this meditation kit is the perfect item for anyone who needs help winding down at the end of the day.

Use Case: HR Employee Gifts, Onboarding, Holidays

Message: Don’t forget to take some time for yourself!

13. JBL Flip 4 Speaker

A great affordable bluetooth speaker that allows recipients to bring the party wherever they go!

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Holidays.

Message: The only gift I could get for the office DJ!

14. The Virtual Conferencing Companion

With so many employees choosing to work from home, this gift will help them get through their work day. It comes with coffee and tea to keep you energized along with a notebook to help keep track of information.

Use Case: Remote Workers, Holidays, New Employees

Message: This should help you “meet” the expectations of remote work!

15. Late Night Munchies Gift Set

Do you have interns who are taking some time off to study for their finals? This basket is filled with all the classic late night college eats for those cram sessions.

Use Case: Interns, Employees

Message: Good Luck with finals, don’t forget to study the pantry!

16. Crystal Skull Vodka

Rather than getting a regular old bottle of vodka, this one comes in the shape of a skull making it a great addition to any at home bar, especially if your recipient has a more alternative style.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Milestones

Message: Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible! Thanks for your amazing work.

17. Holiday Gift Sets

Holiday season is prime time for corporate gifting, but it is important to know which holidays your recipients celebrate. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or Ramadan, Giftsenda has many amazing baskets for any of these occasions.

Use Case: Holidays for Employees or Clients

Message: Happy Holidays to you and your family!

18. Slice & Dice Knife Set

Great knives are an essential for any home cook. This set will help you slice through thick steaks or be precise on thinly diced vegetables. Interestingly enough, good knife sets are also a popular prospecting gift, especially if they are engraved with the recipients name.

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Prospecting

Message: You’re a cut above the rest. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

19. Customized Coffee Mug Set

This gift set allows you to send recipients their new favorite mug, customized with their name, a date, and a phrase of your choosing. It also comes with all the ingredients for the perfect cup of coffee. Now your recipient can rest assured that they will know if someone else in the office is using their mug!

Use Case: Onboarding New Employee, SWAG Gifts, Father’s Day, Client Onboarding

Message: Nobody will ever steal your mug again!

20. Still Time For Tea

This is the perfect gift for all of the tea-lovers out there. Great for any time of day, this tea set comes with an assortment of tea’s, honey, and a nice tea pot. What more could you want? A biscuit perhaps….

Use Case: Loyalty Gifts, Employee Gifts

Message: You’re our cup of tea, glad to have you on the team!

21. The Gift of Choice!

Sometimes we have trouble picking out the best gift for a certain recipient. Using a gifting link, you can allow them to choose the perfect gift, sourced from the country that they live in. Everybody wins!

Use Case: Marketing Campaigns, Loyalty Gifts, Sales Prospecting…and any other time!

Message: Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future… but this one just determines which gift you get!

But Wait…You Aren’t Done Yet!

Once you select one of our unique corporate gift ideas, the job is not yet finished. To get the most out of your corporate gifts, it is important to follow up with clients. This follow-up will let the client know your level of care, as well as help you find improvements in your corporate gifting process. Follow-ups should be done timely in regards to whatever aspect of your business strategy you are following. 

If you are looking to start your corporate gifting journey, sign up for a demo with Giftsenda today! We offer platform subscription plans, one-time gifting projects and a self-service online shop for quick sends without the commitment. 

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