A Guide To Sending Gifts To Switzerland, Culture & More

Feb 10, 2024 | Corporate Gifting, Gift Ideas

Get some insight into the Swiss culture and traditions as you read our guide on sending gifts to Switzerland.

When you think of Switzerland one of the very first things that comes to mind is Swiss chocolate. Well, that and the Alps. The world-class educational institutions, rich cultural heritage and mountainous landscapes makes Switzerland a beautiful country known for many exquisite features from gourmet delicacies to precision machinery and tourist attractions. Yet, this small but influential country in the heart of Europe is known for more than its spectacular mix of geographical, economic and cultural attributes, it’s also known for a mix of friendly people and heartwarming hospitality; making it a fantastic country to visit (or send gifts to!). 

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Gifts to Switzerland may sound like a daunting task but with the right corporate gifting platform, it can be simple, efficient and cost-saving. If that’s a journey you’re on or about to embark on, fear not for we have just what you need – a guide to sending gifts to Switzerland! In this blog post, we’ll take you on an expedition through the land of the Alps and a world of Swiss gifts that celebrate timeless landscapes and gourmet delicacies. 

Things That People in Switzerland Love 

The high standards of living in Switzerland are, as expected, a factor of financial stability but also a reflection of the values, ethics and traditions of the Swiss people. Considering the neutrality of the country, the Swiss Confederation (as they are also known) are often perceived as a peaceful nation. The overall culture of the Swiss people is one of an organized nature; being on time for meetings, for example, is an important aspect of their everyday life. This and greeting a fellow individual with a friendly handshake. 

With that said it is clear to see the Swiss nation has a love for the finer things in life. Art, architecture and artistic movements are some of the things the Swiss indulge in. Dadaism is one such art movement in Switzerland, as mentioned by the Smithsonian Magazine, which began at the beginning of the 20th century and is said to celebrate irrationality in place of calculated reason and luck in place of logic. This movement was an expression of serious issues hidden under humor and clever intentions. 

Food is also a love among the people of the Swiss Confederation. Swiss cuisine is a delicate combination of Northern Italian, French and German food; where cheese, in its various forms, often takes center stage at the heart of many dishes. Other famous foods in this spectacular country include Älplermagronen, Rösti and Raclette

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When it comes to wine, the Swiss are no different from their German and French counterparts. People in Switzerland love wine; except with one slight difference; they prefer new wine! Other famous drinks enjoyed by the people of this nation include liqueurs. As for their love of desserts (because after all they are famous for their chocolate), some of the sweet delicacies savored by the Swiss don’t actually have chocolate in them funny enough. Among the sweet treats enjoyed by the Swiss are those typically made of apples, hazelnuts, chestnuts and kirsch (cherry liqueur). 

Gift-Giving Etiquette in Switzerland

The cultural etiquette of Switzerland is not that far off of other nations. Typically, gifts are not exchanged at business meetings but a small gift may be acceptable at the conclusion of a successful negotiation. Also, a gift with a business logo is an acceptable practice. 

For the Swiss people it may be uncomfortable, or even considered vulgar, to send a large or very expensive gift. So best to keep the gifts to Switzerland practical, functional, cost-appropriate and of great quality. It is customary to typically give a gift if you are given one, but be sure not to give anything sharp as this is generally frowned upon.

Popular Holidays and Celebrations in Switzerland

Holidays in Switzerland hold great importance as they are a reflection of the country’s rich historical and cultural traditions. The popular holidays and celebrations are an opportunity for the nation to recognize their national identity and heritage. 

Easter (Ostern) is probably one of the most popular holidays celebrated in Switzerland, second only to the Christmas season. Easter Monday (Ostermontag) and Good Friday (Karfreitag) are religious public holidays, and in many parts of the Swiss Confederation they are days filled with relaxation and time spent with loved ones. Also many of the Swiss nation use these holidays to travel or engage in leisure activities, such as skiing or hiking in the Swiss Alps. 

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The Swiss National Day is celebrated and cherished as a national holiday, signifying the Summer of 1291; when the three cantons of Uri Schwyz and Unterwalden concluded a historical alliance that gave way to the foundation of the Swiss Confederation. During this holiday buildings are adorned with the national flag, bakers produce significantly special bread rolls and paper lanterns decorate the streets to illuminate the nation. A special kind of celebration is known to take place at Rhines Falls, near Schaffhausen, where the largest waterfalls in Europe are illuminated with a fireworks display and spectacular light show. 

Popular Gifts to Send to Switzerland

Popular gifts in Switzerland include books, cognac, bourbon, wine and desk attire. When giving candy, pralines or pastries ensure the gift is of good quality and always open or unwrap flowers before presenting them. Like the French, it is also culturally appropriate to send flowers in odd numbers, instead of even. Furthermore, do not send red flowers (especially roses or carnations) as these imply romance or white chrysanthemums or asters as these are particularly for funerals. 

As art and food are a popular fascination in Switzerland, a fondue set or a book on modern art may make for a particularly beautiful gift to a Swiss recipient. Alternatively a raclette grill may be a sound option as the raclette is a famous dish served among the Swiss, similar to a fondue set. 

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