When To Send Employee Gifts

Jun 13, 2024 | Business Tips, Corporate Gifting, Gift Ideas, Human Resources

From personal and professional milestones to the holidays, discover the perfect times when to send employee gifts and create memorable experiences for your team. 

Using the art of professional gratitude is quintessential for any business that is earnest in their strive to acquire talent and retain valuable employees for long – term success. In a poll by Tremendous, employee satisfaction increased 75 percent after a holiday gifting campaign. Which goes to show, employees appreciate being appreciated! 

When to Send Employee Gifts for Maximum Impact

To be successful though, timing matters. Sending a gift at the right time can maximize its effectiveness and optimize your strategy. If you are unsure of when to send employee gifts, take a look at these seven instances when your professional gratitude will shine  through exactly as it’s meant to. 

Employee Appreciation Days

Did you know that National Employee Day falls every year on the first Friday of March? If you didn’t know – now you do. And now you have every reason to show gratitude at the very least once a year. 

Celebrating this day, or any other day you choose, in honor of your team is important both for your employee and for your business as well. Think of it as a mutual synergistic relationship. Your employee gets the opportunity to feel recognized and appreciated, and in turn this makes them more productive, which is beneficial for your brand. Apart from that, your employees happiness is also crucial for the success of your company in that if your employee is complacent in their position, the less likely it is they will pursue other opportunities. 

When to send employee gifts

The First Two Weeks of December 

It’s well known that December is the gifting season. It’s felt in the atmosphere everywhere you go and this festive spirit should resonate in your workplace too. Holiday gifting is more than a gesture, it’s often an expectation in the corporate world and how you respond says a lot about your appreciation for your employees.

The first two weeks of December are ideal when sending an employee gift because it’s not too early and not too late. The festive spirit is well in the air and often your employees are not too into their holiday schedules to take the focus off the corporate gifting gesture. 

A Christmas gift for an employee

Gifts for New Hires

Starting a new job can feel much like jumping into a swimming pool. And the onboarding experience you create for your new employee can either be seen as a refreshing dive or an unfortunate belly flop. 

According to a staff engagement report, more than half (51%) of new hires say they would go “above and beyond” in their roles if they had a satisfactory onboarding experience. To make your employees feel welcomed in their new roles, you can add a gift to show them how your company does business and how your brand appreciates its team.  

Long – Service Rewards

Identifying when to send employee gifts is easy when you have employees that have been with your company for a while. A long service reward is more of an obvious corporate gifting occasion and is critical for appreciating employee loyalty and the contributions of a company asset. 

In cases, such as these, you can send a luxury gift, or one of greater value, to mark the occasion. Doing so will create a positive work environment and foster improved morale. The value of a long service reward is not only an act of appreciation, but also an acknowledgement of the integral role your employee plays in the business.  

On Sick Days

When you’re thinking of when to send employee gifts, sick days may not necessarily come to mind as it’s not typically an occasion that calls for a gift. However, steering away from the norm may do your company well in the eyes of your employee. Using a sick day as an opportunity to send an employee gift can be an act of your business’s compassion and your dedication to their wellness. 

Here you can create a custom gift basket that includes items intended for making your employee feel well and comfortable. Refreshing, healthy foods and care packages are ideal to make your employee feel energized and invigorated. Also, for an extra special touch; you can include a personalized card to send your well wishes. 

Personal and Professional Milestones 

To show your employees they matter, you can make what’s important to them, important to you. And that includes days that celebrate their milestones, whether professional or personal. Professional milestones can include a work anniversary or career advancements, while more personal achievements encompass birthdays, weddings and other special days. Whichever your team member may be celebrating, having a part in their success or joy is a great way to translate commemoration. 

Team's work anniversary

Work – Life Balance Incentive Programs

It’s important to show your employees they mean more to your brand than the service they provide. After all, they are more than just a paycheck. A great way to demonstrate this sentiment is through a work – life balance program. This can include sending your employee a gift that prioritizes their life, outside of work. An example of such a gift can be a weekend away for relaxation and rejuvenation or a spa day for the same. 

Yet again, such a gesture will serve your business well in addition to serving your team well. Prioritizing the wellness and work-life balance of your employee will minimize or alleviate corporate negatives through effective stress management, preventing burnout, improved mental health and so on. 

When to send employee gifts

Send Employee Gifts with Giftsenda!

To always ensure you are on time and never miss a beat when showing your employees appreciation, you can enlist the help of a corporate gifting platform. With our corporate gifting service you can automate your gifting campaigns by creating automated workflows to minimize your workload and optimize your time management. 

For example, each time a new employee is hired, you can automatically send them a gift link, which can be shared through any messaging platform. With this link, your employee can redeem or select a gift of their choice from your pre-curated collection of items. 

You can also use a customized gift email invite that leads your employee to a personalized landing page, celebrating their work anniversary for example. Here they can access their gift through a shareable link, maximizing the opportunity to celebrate the occasion. 
And for added convenience, you can integrate your HRM with the Giftsenda platform so you have all your employees’ information on hand and don’t have to toggle back and forth between applications. There are many more benefits to using a corporate gifting platform and all you need to do is start a campaign to reap the rewards.

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