The Gifting Game Ep 2: Marketing Gifts

Nov 8, 2023 | Business Tips, Corporate Gifting, Marketing, Podcasts, Sales

In this podcast episode we give you advice on the best marketing strategies to adopt when keeping your corporate gifting game in tip-top shape.

As we all know marketing is the action of promoting or selling a product or a service. But just how can we stay above the competition when there are so many brands that offer a similar service or product? The answer is simple. With marketing gifts.

It seems real easy right? You send a gift to a business professional that’s part of your circle and that’s it. Well. Actually there are many more aspects that form part of the complex strategy that is corporate gifting. Read on for some insight or watch the video below!

Marketing Gifts & Your Brand

Marketing gifts, for example, are all about generating brand awareness. Your company colors, your business logo and your story or mission statement is your identity in the corporate world. And for people to get to know you, they have to IDENTIFY with your brand. This is where your business really stands out. You mark your corporate gift with your identity so that the recipient of your gift clearly remembers your brand when it matters most. in fact, about 68% of companies report that brand awareness is their priority when sending corporate gifts.

Another aspect or message to convey when you are sending a marketing gift is what your business stands for. Brand values can help clients and customers identify with your brand – especially if it is a value that they similarly share. For example, a client or customer that is passionate about “being green” will appreciate a sustainable gift. These can include anything from stationery made from recyclable material to glassware drinking bottles and reusable wrapping paper. The options are endless, but the intent remains the same: letting your customers and clients identify with your brand.

Using Gifts to Stand Out Among Competitors

The reason for using a corporate gift doesn’t end at simply creating a touchpoint with your business associates or clients. It’s now becoming easier than ever to reach your clients and if that’s true for you, then it’s also true for your competitors. This means it’s necessary to use corporate gifting to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise in the marketing world. If your competitors are making an effort to reach clients on a daily basis and in a direct manner, then you need to level up your corporate gifting game. 

When to Send a Great Gift

When it comes to sending corporate gifts for marketing, timing is everything. Here are some occasions when it’s a good idea to send corporate gifts:

First, holidays are a popular time to show appreciation. Think Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, or even local holidays. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and create a positive image for your brand.

Another good time is when someone achieves something special. Whether it’s a company milestone, promotion, or a personal success; acknowledging and celebrating those achievements with a thoughtful gift can go a long way in building a stronger professional connection.

If you’re launching a new product or service, consider sending corporate gifts to generate excitement and buzz. It’s a strategic way to engage potential customers and influencers, and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Conferences or trade shows are also a great opportunity. Stand out from the competition by sending gifts to key prospects, partners, or attendees. It helps you make a memorable impression and sets the stage for further interaction.

Don’t forget about referral or loyalty programs. Show your appreciation to loyal customers or clients who refer your business to others. A personalized gift can encourage more referrals and strengthen customer loyalty.

Lastly, towards the end of the year or quarter, send gifts as a gesture of gratitude to your clients or partners. It’s a nice way to thank them for their support and foster continued collaboration.

Trends to Consider When Sending a Corporate Gift

Let’s look at some trends that can help keep your corporate gifting strategies above the cut.

Adding a name, date or any special message is a touch of customization that people often regard as “going the extra mile”. To personalize your corporate gift you can use 3D engraving, embroidery and embossing.  

As previously mentioned sustainability is a major trend in your corporate gifting game because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to save the planet? Eco-friendly gifting not only has a precedence behind it but it’s also often more practical. 

If you’re thinking about sending a tech gift to a business associate who is a tech buff can be quite daunting; particularly when you’re within a specific budget. But sending tech gifts doesn’t necessarily mean you have to send an expensive gift. There are many affordable tech gifts that are practical, cost-efficient and equally as glamorous as the expensive ones. Brand these and you’ve got a winner. 

Always Be Gifting!

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to go that extra mile with your marketing strategies. If you would like to find out more about marketing gifts and how the Giftsenda platform can help you send them internationally, visit our website at or speak to an expert gift campaign manager for more information on how to optimize your corporate gifting game.

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