A Guide to International Corporate Bulk Gifting

Apr 16, 2023 | All Use-Cases, Gift Ideas

What is Corporate Bulk Gifting?

Corporate bulk gifting is the process of sending a large number of corporate gifts under one campaign. The singular campaign is used to simplify a firm’s corporate gifting process by combining all recipients into one order, regardless of their location. Sending gifts in bulk just intensifies the benefits and spreads it to a larger group. You can use it as a method to reward the entire staff or impress a large number of clients

Modern businesses are quickly learning the many benefits of adding corporate gifting to their HR and marketing strategies. The positives are undeniable, whether they are internal or external. Corporate gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are curated based on a company’s goals and budget. They are a great tool to please clients and show appreciation towards staff members. For small businesses, many usually start by sending small gifts every once in a while. After a firm grows, it’s best to send bulk gifts to ensure that everyone in a business is recognized.

The best way to send corporate bulk gifts is through an international gifting platform like Giftsenda. Gifting platforms take the stress and effort out of a sender’s hands and allows them to put their trust in others to get the job done.

This blog will discuss all important aspects of bulk gifting. This will include the challenges that can arise when sending gifts in bulk, as well as some of the best gift types. Finally, this blog post will discuss Giftsenda and all the ways that we can help your firm with the bulk gifting process. 

Why is Bulk Gifting Internationally Difficult?

For businesses that operate internationally, certain difficulties can arise when attempting to send corporate bulk gifts overseas manually. International gifts are a great way to build connections, but there are a few obstacles that are in place.

First, shipping goods internationally always comes with certain complications. The major one is all the customs fees that usually come along with a shipment. Spreading these costs across a bulk order can make them really add up and take up more of your firm’s gifting budget than necessary. 

Another challenge of international bulk gifting is tailoring gifts based on different cultures and preferences. This is especially true if the campaign has recipients in multiple countries where the senders have to account for the different values present in each of them. To achieve the greatest ROI on a gift, senders should personalize it to their recipient to make the gift more special, something that the recipient will remember for a while. To mitigate this challenge it is important to put thought into every gift sent.

These challenges can make sending corporate gifts in bulk a daunting and intimidating task. However, the benefits discussed in the rest of this blog will depict that it is not as difficult as it may seem when using our international gifting platform!

When Can Businesses Make Use of Bulk Gifting?

There are many great occasions to implement bulk gifting. Corporate bulk gifting is a valuable marketing strategy for businesses looking to build relationships with clients and employees. Here are some situations where bulk gifting can be particularly useful:

Firstly, the holiday season is a prime time for bulk gifting. Different holidays are celebrated around the world, and businesses can strategically send thoughtful gifts that align with the recipient’s culture or traditions.

Secondly, bulk gifting should be used to celebrate a company milestone, such as an anniversary or reaching a certain revenue goal. This not only shows appreciation for the hard work of employees, but can also help build goodwill with clients. Additionally, bulk gifting should be used to thank clients or partners for their business or support, which helps maintain and strengthen these relationships.

Finally, businesses can use bulk gifting to promote a new product launch, with the aim of increasing brand awareness.

What Types of Gifts Can You Send in Bulk Internationally

Personalized Gifts:

Personal gifts are the ones that stick out amongst the rest. With that said, there are some common popular gifts that do well in most cultures. Most recipients enjoy fresh fruit, so a fruit basket is a great option. Other popular food and beverage items include coffee, baked goods, and alcoholic beverages. The most important thing to do is make sure to keep the recipients preferences in mind.

Branded Gifts:

SWAG items have also become very popular in recent years and are a perfect gift to send in bulk both internally and externally. SWAG corporate gifts come in the form of items branded with a company’s logo. These are great bulk gifts to send internally because they can help create a sense of unity within the organization. 

Let Recipients Choose Their Own Gifts:

If you are not too familiar with your recipients preferences and passions, a great gift to get is the gift of choice. This type of gift comes in two forms, the first being a gift card. You can send electronic gift cards from a variety of stores. The stores selected can be as broad or as niche as you want.

The other form is gifting links that allow recipients to accept/decline a gift, or select one from a curated collection. Gifting links also allow people to fill out their own shipping information which helps overcome the challenge of knowing everybody’s address in a bulk gifting campaign. Both of these options are great because it ensures that the recipients will be receiving a gift that they enjoy. 

When sending gifts in bulk to a large number of people, it may seem daunting since it is hard to buy great gifts for everyone. But, all the options listed above are great solutions for any type of person in the corporate world.

How Can Giftsenda Help You Send in Bulk?

Giftsenda allows users to send corporate bulk gifts with ease and efficiency. Businesses can send multiple gifts under the same campaign to countries all over the world. When looking at the usual challenges associated with international corporate bulk gifting, Giftsenda minimizes them. Customs fee’s spread across a large campaign can increase the cost of a campaign more than they should. However, Giftsenda’s network of local vendors and strategically placed warehouses allow users to avoid these fees. This is true for all gifts on the catalog including SWAG, which can be stored and sent on demand.

Giftsenda also has many tools in place to make sure recipients are getting the best gifts possible. Depending on the country you are sending gifts to our platform will filter items based on popularity in that nation.

Gift links will also be the best tool for any corporate bulk gifting campaign where you have access to minimal user information. A gifting link lets recipients select their gift, fill out the shipping information themselves, and remove the risk of gifts being sent to the wrong address.

There are also many ways to send gifts in bulk using Giftsenda, whether that is through a self-launched gifting campaign on the e-commerce store for a once-off campaign, with the assistance of a gift concierge, or through our corporate gifting platform solutions.

If you are looking for a time to start sending corporate bulk gifts, the time is now! To answer any questions about the platform, sign up for a demo or contact us.

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